[FoF] Client and Dedicated Server Update - September 5

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    - new breakable props by tigg: chair and different glass bottles
    - cvar fof_sv_pricemult_sharps to alter Sharps rifle base price. This is used to deny this weapon in certain Teamplay based maps as Eliminator/Snowy, where Sharps is too dominant, however each server can tweak the price so in the end it's up to the community to decide what is best. Note that price multiplier only affects cash based modes, as Teamplay and Break Bad in a near future.

    - fof_robertlee: added new breakable props, some visibility optimization, minor lighting and navigation tweaks
    - tweaked dynamite detonation mechanism (shoot at it to explode): much easier to hit at closer distances

    - handgun throw perk related glitch, weapons dropped due punch or explosion related damage caused same damage than if they were thrown on purposely
    - wrong axe/knife sound when walls are hit
    - Teamplay mode allowing weapon purchase during respawn wait time
    - player respawn glitch in fof_snowy

    - Volcanic pistol -1 notoriety
    - Smith carbine +1 notoriety

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