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Discussion in 'Tech Chat' started by [FFN] Mika, Jun 7, 2013.

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    Ok, so my current computer which I built around a year ago is starting to act funny. There seems to be a bunch of software and hardware problems which may or not be related. I'll start with the software. Sometimes I get messages that say that the antivirus (Security Essentials) service has been stopped, or sometimes its that adblock has crashed in chrome. I think that these messages have started happening after a friend of mine installed some kind of crap on my computer. It has been a year, so I think its time for a re install of Windows, but any other suggestions would also be helpful.

    Now for the (sorta) hardware problems. My computer has been crashing/freezing/blue screening a lot lately. It is intermittent. For example, this Monday my computer was derping every 10 minutes all day, but it has been running pretty well ever since. It ranged from blue screening (most of the messages were something along the lines of "Secondary processor clock interrupt not received", but there was one that said " A device attempting to corrupt the system has been caught. The faulty driver currently on the kernel stack must be replaced") to randomly rebooting to just plain stopping.
    And now for the most concerning of the problems, CPU heat. 9 months ago, I was comfortably running a 4.5 Ghz overclock on my i5 3570K with this cooler on this motherboard. With all 4 cores at 100% load I was getting about 70C. Now when I reduced the overclock to the stock 3.9 Ghz, I peaked at about 83C before I shut hyperpi (what I use to test it) down. I can't even afk overnight without worrying about it getting to hot. I suppose clearing out the dust could help, but I did that 4 months ago when it was still working fine and its not to bad right now. I might try re seating the cooler, but any other suggestions would be awesome.
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    Most of that sounds like software issues and it's simply more time efficient to reinstall windows than it is to try to hunt down and clean out the crapware that's causing it. If you have system restore points, give those a whirl, but without seeing it in person it's difficult to tell you what to look for or remove.

    As for overheating, if dusting it out doesn't resolve the problem, you may want to look at the thermal grease on your cooler. Lower quality stuff can dry out or run and that will reduce its performance over time. Only solution would be to remove the heatsink, clean it all off, and apply some fresh stuff.
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    Reinstalling is always the nice end all solution,but it does suck to get set back up again. Have you at least done a virus scan? Also, have you checked your msconfig for any weird crap running in the background that might be causing issues?

    As far as heat goes, I am with Vintage. Other than cleaning (and making sure your fans are spinning properly) the only other step is to replace your thermal paste.
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