Discussion in 'Maps' started by GardenFreeman, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. F10 to defuse

    F10 to defuse Well-Known Member

    pls make it an official map
  2. jasper

    jasper Noob

    best map 10/10 ign
  3. It's a really good map!!!
  4. TheMailman

    TheMailman Noob

    Constructive Criticism:Assuming that the spawns are right behind the control points, I would say that the current spawn system isn't great. Most teams will just cap their own point and very little other capping will take place. Most players will just spawn and defend their point immediately. It's like having a last point on normal CP maps but it takes forever to capture (assuming they have a normal cap time). I would recommend keeping the map exactly the same, but making the spawns on the corners in between two points. Also, make them higher up or lower down so they can't just spawn right next to the point.
    Another smaller suggestion would be to add more vertical aspects to the map. Maybe just some stairs leading to a small tower or raised area by each control point. It's better to have different vantage points to fight from, and the only current ones are the walls that only a few classes can access.
    tl;dr : move spawns to corners, add more vertical buildings.
    Other than these two changes, the map looks great. This new map theme looks like it would fit well into tf2c deathmatch and it looks very polished. Nice job!
  5. Aichten

    Aichten Noob

    Amazing that you did that with hammer, the curves and angles are fantastic to look at!
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