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    Well, it's been a bit since the maps have been added in, but I wanted to wait a bit for some further things to talk about.

    First off, 4 new maps were added, two of which being some classics, while the others I added to flesh out the vip map selection.

    Harbl Hotel - A classic map thats certainly got a lot of.. old culture.. in it. I edited it a bit to fix some small issues and include a timer, but besides that its just the good ol' dm map with not much different :)

    Wacky Races - Another race type map, people have been requesting this one for a while, and it is pretty fun on occasion. Hoping it wont be too overplayed and I can keep it in the rotation while balloon race is retired.

    VIP Mountainlab - It's uh.. it's vip mountainlab! I wanted to include a map that was pretty fun on a/d and see how it plays in VIP. There's nothing actually different, really. It's just VIP now. But, it seems to be well received!

    VIP Dustbowl - This map is a lot more different than the other VIP map. First off, there's only actually one point. 3rd stage last. Red team spawns on 3rd stage last, while Blu spawns on 1st stage.. first. All the stages are connected, so it's really up to you to create your own little frontline. HINT: Use engineers or you're most likely boned. There's also a ton of new little paths and shortcuts and secret places to hide. In general, just a really interesting and fun idea for a map.

    Second off, we've retired our first 3 maps, those being cyberpunk, and both versions of balloon race. I'm probably going to be retiring more fairly soon, those being some wacky maps that tend to kill the server. Looking at you toy_fort.

    Third off, me and vintage implemented a system to randomize the mapcycle on the custom maps server every mapchange, that way people cant plan ahead to do the same maps over and over. This will likely be experimented and changed further, but at the moment it will randomly select 30 maps from the mappool, while keeping the current new and "featured" maps front and center on the first page. We hope this is understood, and is seemingly working out well.

    Fourth, and finally, all servers will be receiving an update to how voting works in the form of the Native Votes plugin. Map voting will no longer use the number keys and intrude on the gameplay experience, and will instead look like a normal vote. We know this one has been highly, highly requested so thank you guys for waiting patiently.


    Hope you guys enjoy the little update, keep your eyes peeled on a server upgrade coming for the US servers soon too!
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