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    I've been playing DCUO for the past week or so and i've seen enough of the game (I hit 30 in about 4 days... and getting close to acquiring t1 and t2 gear :3)... There are some things though that people should know.

    Tip #1 -> Spend 5$

    Seriously... I know the game is free, but spending 5$ will save you so much hassle it's unreal. There are three account types: Free, Premium and Legendary.

    I have no intention of spending 15$ a month for legendary.. so lets look at premium compared to free.

    Free accounts get two characters to create, you have a cash cap at 1500$, you're allowed to go into the vault once a week and are unable to trade with other people.

    Premium -> 6 character slots, double inventory storage, 2000$ cash cap (i've heard some rumors this may be going up.. but.. just rumors) You can go into the vault once every 3 days and can trade with people.

    and for 5$, you can get an extra row of inventory and maybe some extra auction house slots.. just spend 5$ and use it all in the cash shop.

    Boom, permanent premium account. Best 5$ i've ever spent on a game (that was free).

    Tip 2. The stats.

    The stats are abit confusing so I'll break down the confusing ones.

    Power -> this is your 'mana/energy' bar. The more of it you have, the more you can spam your powers.

    Might -> This is how strong your powers are. Obviously, the more you have, stronger your powers will hit.

    Precision -> This is how strong your weapons will hit.

    Defense -> Damage Reduction versus NPC mobs. DOES NOT AFFECT PVP DAMAGE TAKEN

    Toughness -> Damage Reduction Vs. Players. DOES NOT AFFECT PVE DAMAGE TAKEN

    and the big 3 confusing ones.

    Dominance -> This is resistance to controller effects (as well how likely you are to HIT with controller effects) and tank threat. This stat is good to have abit of, but unless you're a tank or controller, I Wouldn't even bother stacking this stat.

    Restoration -> increases healing done. Completely useless for most DPS's and controllers.. a GODSEND for tanks and healers. Tanks get some abilities that heal themselves, and this will increase that output.. and for a healer... well, essentially this is your primary stat.

    Vitalization -> Increases Energy Regen. This is good for everyone, but is much better on controllers. Why? controllers have skills that gave energy regen and this increases the ratio of that. Controllers are known as energy batteries and this helps you become an even greater one [​IMG]

    It took awhile to realize that... but it's simple and is very useful.

    Tip 3. Phase Shifter in the Hall of doom.

    This is probably something many people will use. We play on a PvP server.. and there are points in the game you'll be doing missions alongside heroes (that will gank you... don't ever doubt that they won't gank you)... if this becomes troublesome and just want to finish an area, in the middle of the hall of doom, north side, there will be something called the phase shifter.

    This will transport your character to the PvE world in which heroes won't be able to gank you. Nice if there's just some assholes stopping you from finishing a mission.

    At any time though, you can come back through back to PvP and vice versa... they don't restrict it as far as I know. but it's nice to know that option is there.

    Tip 4. Don't be afraid to Respec

    Seriously, 500$ in the pit of the hall of doom once a day, it's difficult to make money and there are so many builds/skills out there that it's pretty easy to mess around with things and figure out what you're trying to do. Find a weapon that works with what you're trying to do (healers -> I highly recommend a ranged weapon.. but that's not always necessary)

    The best part about this game is the amount of flexibility you have with everything...

    Tip 5. Be an Achievement Whore.

    It actually makes you more powerful. at level 30, you have 15 power skills, but you can get upwards of 100 skill points for weapons and movement (flying sucks, btw (IMO)),

    This is a good thing because as you reach the later skill points of weapons, they can give you innate stat bonus's which will make you more powerful.

    To get a skill point, you must do achievements. Every 100 Points you get for feats (which come in difficulties of 10 points, 25, and 50 points.) well net you +1 skill point that you can do whatever you want with.

    And with that, I go with the worst tip I can ever do.... DO THE BOOSTER GOLD EXPLORATIONS QUESTS. Completing all of them in both cities will net you 100 feat points (50 for each city) and thus, a skill point...

    There are plenty more things to do out there for feats... and don't be afraid to whore it out.

    Most of all, have fun... this game is much different than many other mmo's and is actually well done and makes me love the DC universe so much more (<3 Deathstroke)
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