Dear Microsoft,

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by Nightshde, May 22, 2013.

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    Dear Microsoft,

    What they hell are you doing? You’re like that guy that doesn’t want his job anymore but doesn’t want to quit so you do the shitiest job possible so you will get fired. You started so strong by actually showing the console and the name, though it looks like an old Beta Max and the name just doesn’t make sense.

    Xbox One? Really because this is your third console or are you saying this Xbox isn’t really a game console anymore so it’s starting anew. If you really wanted to have the One in there then maybe you should have gone with X1 or XOne or even X1. Xbox One all spelled out like that just doesn’t look or sound right.

    I do love the your new controller design, it looks like a mix of the 360 layout with the "Duke" body slimmed down. Of course I won't really know how it handles until I get it in my hands, I did always wish you would make a "Duke" controller for the 360, but I guess this is the next best thing. The only thing is how do you tell who is what player number since there are no quadrants around the Xbox symbol anymore?


    The TV stuff does look interesting and I may use it when it is actually connected to my TV, but most likely not. If it requires me to have a set top box already why hook it in? Is it really that hard for people to push a button on the remote to switch inputs. The only reason I would hook it up is if it worked like a DVR and could record my shows and if it does that’s cool but you didn’t talk about it at the event.

    There were so many missed opportunities at this event; with all the rumors and speculation going around you would you would have talked about some of them. Instead you decided to bring on the most hated Gaming Company in the world right now to talk about a category of games(sports) that very few actually play; hell FIFA can't even break 1Mill in the US.

    Then you talk about a Halo TV series… that should really have been saved for E3. Not saying I’m not intrigued by the prospect of a Halo series by Spielberg as I loved Terra Nova but right now we care more about the box and what it actually does and what will be required for it to work.

    Finally we come to the end of the event and instead of ending it with a big reveal like most event do you show us a new Call of Duty game that we already knew about… yippee*sarcasm*. You started so strong and got us really excited but then halfway through you lost your way and never recovered.

    The simple fact is this, I know you want to expand your market and get more people to buy your system, but you need to know that the only people that are going to buy it out of the gate are gamers. People who don’t play games are not going to buy it just to have a voice remote or DVR, more than likely they already have a TiVo or some system like it. As Wii-U has shown if a casual gamer/mom & grandma already bought the first motion control console they are not going to spend the money on a new one. If you want this console to sell you need to focus on being a game console first and focus on the casual market second. I really hope you have big things planned for E3 because I really want to stay with Xbox, but compared to what Sony has shown you are already losing.

    -from a 360 lover

    *I know information has been coming out since the event but this is more about what they actually said at the event not after*
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  2. Iceh

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    This is interesting thanks for posting this as a future video game developer I find things like this are good information and enjoyable to read.
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    Yea I've been trying to get into the industry for years as a designer/modeler but have had no luck so now I'm going the marketing route and I have to say marketing in games is atrocious. I feel like more than half the people that work in the industry now don't actually use their product or connect to the people that do. So many games never build the fan base they should because of not having the right marketing, for example Saints Row 3.

    I had no idea Saints Row 3 was so crazy and fun, I had played the original and just saw it as a GTA clone I didn't know that it had become its own thing. If they had better marketing, i.e. some guy running around with the dildo bat beating the shit out of the mascots in their clown car it could have been a bigger hit; instead they show a generic movie gun battle in slow motion:
    For Saints Row 4 I'm glad they are changing that and actually showing how crazy and fun the game is and doesn't take itself too seriously like GTA.​
    Also here is an awesome takeaway from the event, basicly feels about the same as I do: and make sure you actually watch it to the end. Every time they say "Experience" I just cringe, I'm soo tired of that word.​
  4. Nacasius

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    But dude! The focus groups of soccer moms would have kiboshed any mention of the dildo bats as unmarketable despite its awesomeness.

    Corporate is as Corp does. Almost always why you gotta go with the little guy.
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