Deathmatch and new weapons feedback 28/04/2016

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by IL_Rettile, Apr 28, 2016.

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    Hi all, this is my feedback and opinion on the new Deathmatch gamemode and the new weapons, and i think that mod it's like a new fresh air from the normal Team Fortress 2. Well done mod, but i have ecountered some thing that make me little crazy.

    I am player who play Team Fortress 2 for long time and other multiplayer game (like Dirty Bomb, Quake, Unreal Tournament) and IMO i think of:

    Power up: The Power ups it's a augment that give you some advantages on the enemy, and for now (for what i see) exist two power up: Critical damage Boost and Ubercharge.
    I think that Critical damage boost it's like the Quad Damage of Quake, and i like it; But he have a fast respawn time that is wrong and with some luck you can have crits everytime. (and this is annoying).
    The second is Ubercharge and i think, in a deathmatch, a power up that give you "God Mode" is some unbalanced. If you encounter one guy with ubercharge power up, you are f****d at least you run far away, if a enemy have crits power up you have some changes to kill the enemy but ubercharge no. If it possibile, it's better to remove or reduce more the time.

    The Nailgun it's a good alternative for the primary weapon of the Scout, and i like very much this weapon, but i reduce the fire rate for make less annoying.
    The Super Shotgun it's a powerful weapon specially on point blank, and i enjoy use this little beast, but a secondary fire that shot one pellet is not a bad idea.
    The new Sniper Rifle it's a good alternative specially for maps who deny long range, on this i say anything.
    The Tommy Gun it's semi-useless weapon IMO, the recoil is too high that makes useless and is not special than the Sten Gun (specially with auto-reloading).
    The Sten Gun it's a balanced weapon and i like it;

    That's all, and i forgot, it's possible to remove random crits?
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