Deathmatch Weapon Balance

Discussion in 'Other' started by Trotim, Aug 29, 2015.

  1. Trotim

    Trotim Well-Known Member

    Is a gun too strong? Too weak? Not fun? Too fun?
    Post all your impressions here~
  2. Moonrat

    Moonrat Noob

    In a gamemode that should be promoting accurate aim and careful shots, the Rocket Launcher does both by giving you splash damage that can just let people spam it and reach the top of the scoreboard with no care for their aim.
    And why do you need to pick up ANY other weapon when your fucking Pistol can do 20 damage per shot to people who can only have 150 hp, and has a lighting fast reload. Honestly, I'd make the pistol a pick up and have the SMG as the first weapon, giving players incentive to pick something else up.
    The Sten Gun is a fun concept, but some balancing'd be great. I hate it when I get fucking SNIPED by the Sten. Bascially, I'd lower it's accuracy to encourage getting close to unload hell, along with increasing damage falloff at range. The sewers of dm_2fort were effectively shut off by one guy that had this thing. Getting anywhere near him would get you killed, even LOOKING at him would get you shot at.
    Surprisingly, despite it's amazing damage, I think the Super Shotty is completely balanced. I can't find anything wrong with it in terms of cheapness. Amazing close range but has a vry bad accuracy and quick damage fall off. I'd say keep it as it is
  3. TheMailman

    TheMailman Noob

    I agree with a lot of the stuff Moonrat said - I think the rocket launcher should be removed entirely. I also think the sten gun should be nerfed. Another thing that desperately needs nerfing is the critical powerup. When you pick this thing up, you have full crits for a long time, which is incredibly overpowered, especially with a gun like the rocket launcher that can one shot any other player and does AoE damage. I would recommend either making it mini-crits or making it last for much less time. Also, I think adding more of them throughout the maps would be nice since there are only one or two of them on most of the maps.
  4. Kyuros

    Kyuros Noob

    I agree with Moonrat on the Pistol, it's a bit insane with that maximum ramp-up damage of 22 which can sheer through the Merc's health like a hot knife through butter compared to the SMG's 12.
    The Sten Gun is pretty annoying to fight against and the Rocket Launcher is undeniably OP. The latter should just be replaced with a nerfed RPG.
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