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Discussion in 'Archive' started by onefourth, Nov 20, 2015.

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    Hey guys, it's been a while. Here's a write-up of a few things that have happened since the last time someone made a post.

    Recently, we released a fix that allows players to connect to servers. If you don't have the file, here it is. Place this file in your tf2classic folder, and set Source SDK 2013 Multiplayer Base to "beta_test". You will not be at risk for the same attack, so don't worry.
    We are currently running three official servers on Deathmatch, Randomizer, and Stock, and all servers marked [Haven] are running the linux binaries. If you don't see them in the server browser, ensure that you updated your game correctly (read my post).
    We haven't been complacent (for the most part) in our downtime, and you guys haven't either. Agameofscones released a new version of Venice, and with his permission we will include Venice in the next update. You can download his map here.

    Our mapping lead, iiboharz, has been hard at work along with the several other members of the mapping and art team chipping away at the new version of Wiseau.

    Recently, the second Arms Race contest came to an end. Since then, we've been playing around with several of the entries to see if they fit. We haven't finalized which weapons will be included, so we can't show you all of them. Or even really talk about what they do. We're not sure yet. Go through the entries, pick which ones you like, and tell us how to put them in deathmatch. We'll take a look at implementing the most popular suggestions.

    Not all our new weapons are coming off the workshop or Arms Race. We've recently been joined by Batandy. He's making a harpoon gun to go alone with a certain maritime Deathmatch map. I'm sure you've seen the harpoon gun already, but a note for the community mappers: if your map requires specific logic or weapons, talk to us and we will discuss implementing it with you. For those of you who aren't mappers, continue to suggest weapons for DM. Some things to keep in mind: weapons in DM are regular military grade weapons.

    Something that's not regular and military-grade in DM are the powerups.
    At the moment, we currently have three powerups. Two of them have passed enough testing to be solidified: temporary critical hit and ubercharge. This is an area we need some help in. If you have a suggestion for a powerup idea, by all means let us hear it. They don't have to all be status effects, they could be temporary extreme weapons, spy jetpacks, anything you can think of that could be justified from a gameplay perspective.
    (its unlikely that will will be adding jetpacks to the game)

    The next major update to Team Fortress 2 Classic will have deathmatch finished and ready for a final ship. This includes maps, weapons, powerups, voicelines, animations, you name it. Done. We will need a lot of help to get this finished, so if you can map, model, texture, animate, or program, let us know!
  2. Aske1836

    Aske1836 Noob

    Good to know you're adding stuff in! But when will it come?Also for the powerups:A powerup that gives a significant speed boost (not so overpowered)
    Jump height increase powerup (so you can jump up to roofs and stuff)
    And a firerate and reload speed increase for a short time powerup.
    Thats it!-Aske
  3. actually still need help, its not working for me
  4. thepillgod

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  5. Carprillo

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    Okay, to the person above: Don't beg. It's not going to get you much.

    To anyone: Will there be a way to add bots to a private server at any point?
  6. where is the post with the quote: If you don't see them in the server browser, ensure that you updated your game correctly (read my post).
  7. MrAmazing

    MrAmazing Noob

    Aw..., no jetpack inclusion. That would have been an awesome powerup inclusion.
    I have no idea where I can put my powerup suggestions, so I guess I will put it here

    -an invisibility powerup, which will make you completely invisible until
    the powerup runs out (to balance it, you will be partially visible for a
    moment when firing with a cloaking delay in between fires, similar to
    when a cloak & dagger runs out of cloak)

    -maybe a fun berserk powerup which will greatly increase melee damage
    with the combination of damage resistance, speed boost and jump height boost combination,
    and you can get health back with each kill
    (to balance it, you can only use melee only and nothing else)

    -an overheal powerup, this can give you an instant overheal boost, which thresholds to
    lets say 100%, which doubles your health(compared to regular overheal,
    at 50%) with a significant decrease in overheal decay until it fully
    (to balance it is to simply not allow you to overheal with pills until the overheal from the poweup is fully drained).

    -an unlimited ammo&clip powerup, which basically gives you free reign
    to fire away without a worry of ammo and clip management.

    -a shield powerup, which is basically like the shield bubble in tf2, this
    can gives you a temporary damage resistance (lets say up to 60% damage
    resistance for example or more).

    -mini-crit powerup, which is like the crit powerup but with minicrits, and plus spawn time of this powerup can be significantly shortened and can be used by more than one player, and spawns regardless if its still in use.

    I can't think of anymore fun powerups (except jetpack, but that is confirmed to not be included as a powerups so that sucks), there are some fun ones from the mannpower mode which you can take a look at for yourselves and see which ones can work out in the dm mode.

    I don't think tf2c needs a lot of powerups, but here are some you can consider.
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