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    <font face="Arial, Verdana">Berry said that TF2C needed some ports from TF2 for the deathmatch mode and Lumberyard is my favorite arena map, so I figured I'd start with that. Aside from the necessary entity work to get the map ready for deathmatch, I fixed some lighting issues, compressed the filesize, and cleaned up the deathpit triggers.</font><font face="Arial, Verdana">
    </font><font face="Arial, Verdana">I've also set up the central doors to the cap room to open and stay open the first time someone triggers them. Previously they opened only when the control point became active 60 seconds into the round, but DM will not use the control point. We'll see how that plays out.</font><font face="Arial, Verdana">
    </font><font face="Arial, Verdana">There are no soundscapes yet as they have not been ported to TF2C as of version 1.9.0.</font><font face="Arial, Verdana">
    </font><font face="Arial, Verdana">Download</font><font face="Arial, Verdana">
    </font><font face="Arial, Verdana">CHANGELOG</font>
    • Added deathmatch logic and removed arena logic
    • 32 spawn points
    • 16 weapon spawners at 10 second reset
    • 3 shotgun
    • 3 minigun
    • 3 smg
    • 2 rocket launcher
    • 2 flamethrower
    • 2 sniper rifle (20 second reset)
    • 1 grenade launcher
    [*]Added trigger_once volumes for central building doors
    [*]Removed spawn doors
    [*]Matched some point_spotlight's to their prop sources better
    [*]Lightmap optimization (dm_lumberyard is 24% smaller than arena_lumberyard without compression)
    [*]Fixed lots of lighting bugs caused by lightmaps[*]Gave a few barrels outside central building lightmaps
    [*]Nodraw'd 390 developer textured faces and a few others (tsk tsk valve)[*]Repacked and compressed in lieu of .bz2'ing</ul>
    <font face="Arial, Verdana">SCREENSHOTS</font><font face="Arial, Verdana">
    </font>[​IMG]<font face="Arial, Verdana">
  2. -snip- looks like the map is updated for 2.0 :)
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