[The Elder Scrolls] Dragonborn Dlc Spoilers Will Be Used

Discussion in 'Archives' started by SoL DarkLord, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. SoL DarkLord


    No bear with me, as I'm doing this as I play
    So when I woke up this morning the first thing I did was turn on my 360 and download dragonborn.

    So first thing's first. How do I start this DLC?
    Well I found out you have to get attacked by "Cultists" in a city, as I went back to Riften to turn in some quests.
    After you kill the two, you search their bodies and a note will be found. You end up taking a ship from Windhelm to Raven Rock

    How does Raven Rock Differ from that of Morrowind?
    Well from what I learned, Raven Rock was abandoned, after the Dunmer showed up in Solsthiem. Not only that, but it is a House of Redoran City.

    New Armor?
    Yes the return of Chitin and Bonemold armor, Stalheim armor, which I don't know if is Morrowind(Or Bloodmoon) also shows up

    Does Hermaeous Mora appear?
    Yes. Yes he does. After you clear the first story temple you find a book. The book takes you to a place where you see the main enemy Mirrak. This place is Hermaeous Mora's domain. After your first trip you may read it again, and go back to explore. Even meeting Hermaeous Mora.

    What are the Cuthulu like Creatures?
    They called Seekers. They are the servants of Hermaeous Mora, in seeking out knowledge no doubt. Also Lurkers, who protect this knowledge. Lurkers stand, seekers hover.

    MOre to come later.
    //Ignore this line. as it is a comment
  2. SoL DarkLord


    Double Post. Oh well

    Alright... Now more news.

    Reiklings. yes those little boar riding demon things are back. They have spears. Those spears can be picked up and used... as ammo for your bows. They honestly suck. They don't get as much distance as you'd think.

    Skall Village. it still stands. They still cling to the old ways also.

    New powers(Not shouts actual powers) - These you can aquire by doing some quests involving books, and travels to Hermaeous Mora's Domain.

    Shouts - So far I have came across 3 new shouts. 1 is related to the Story, and have no choice but to learn all three words. It's called Bend Will. The first word, is for Nature. The Second word for characters. The Third allows you to bed dragons to your will. This is how you can mount them.

    Cyclone - It well... creates a cyclone that blows through your Enemies.

    Dragon Aspect - This one inhances your strength, provides armor, and enchance shout strength. Yes each ability is a different word in this shout.

    Werebears - Yes these do exist, I have seen them. But was quite frankly already running with little health so I didn't stay and fight.

    Mounting Dragons - As stated above, One simply needs all three words of Bend Will. When flying you have no control over their flight path. They simply fly. They limit what shouts can and can not be used. You can also fast travel when flying. Unfortunately, you can't fast travel between Solsthiem and Skyrim, while flying.
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