Driveable Vehicles and vehicle_test VMF available

Discussion in 'Other' started by rad, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. rad

    rad DMC Tester DMC Tester

    Hello, guys, rad here.
    Today I bring you this, Vehicles
    This zip contains a pack of driveable vehicles for prop_vehicle_jeep and also I include the vehicle test map and their VMF, the map consists about a garage that can spawn the sniper van and a jeep, also a control point with instant-win(later I'm gonna explain that)
    Download link:
    Some Issue about the prop_vehicle jeep.

    -Lag makes the vehicles hard to drive
    -On round restart, the vehicles won't respawn or won't disappears(for that I create a trigger brush trick to make them disappear from the map is in the VMF)
    -Issues about players get stuck on in the car(Hit with the melee weapon to get out of there)

    I really want to say in my opinion that adding vehicles change drastically the gameplay, use with caution
    Also, all the scripts and models of the driveable vehicles are from the gmod addon of doc, who give me them authorization to use this models, thank you
    Steam account:
    Gmod addon link:
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