[2.0.0 Beta 1] Engineers can detonate their sapped buildings.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by plata, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. plata

    plata Noob

    Description: Engineers can use the deconstruction PDA to blow up any sapped buildings, "denying" the points awarded for destruction. This also means the Engineer can forbid the building to place another of the same kind instantly.

    Priority: Normal.

    The only bug reporting experience I've got is using the Mantis bug tracker.
  2. Trotim

    Trotim Well-Known Member

    Thank you, we're looking into it!
  3. Trotim

    Trotim Well-Known Member

    We decided to keep it in as a feature. Destroying your own building is almost always a huge setback. We're fine with speeding up Engineer gameplay some and rewarding quick decisionmaking.
    We don't have the Red Tape Recorder or Minisentries so the ability to keep a building type disabled is not as important as in live TF2.

    You're right it doesn't display the "building sapped" icon when a sapped building gets destroyed by the Engineer himself. I agree that should change
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