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Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by Geoff, May 22, 2013.

  1. VintagePC

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    Just leave this here... for some reason I found it hilarious:
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  2. lonesome killer

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    Lol gonna show this to the die hard xboX fans at work
  3. John

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    My big issue with the internet checkups is what if i want to play a X1 game 10 years from now. My NES will always let me play my games. Considering the original xbox lost live in 9ish years I doubt you will be able to play X1 games 10 years from now. Granted this is assuming there is a game good enough to want to play 10 years later and not available somewhere else.
  4. Geoff

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  5. lonesome killer

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    Even though Microsoft may have taken away the requirement to be online, other shitty companies can keep the tradition alive.

    Turn 10 Studios has announced that Forza 5 will require Day One downloads. They said the game can't be completed on time with the production cycle, so they are going to require you to download game content before you can even play the game. The game is unplayable without it. Not just an extra car or track you're missing out on, but actually an unplayable game if you do not download the content. If the game's not ready why release it? If they're selling only part of the game, then why not make the game cheaper and charge the rest when you get home and download the rest of it? They don't want that, they want all your $60 now.

    Endorsing this type of behavior will tell the companies that you're OK with it and they will slowly start to pile more shit on.
  6. Geoff

    Geoff Sir "Let's Play"

    Even though Microsoft may have taken away the requirement to be online, other shitty companies can keep the tradition alive.

    I think it was Force or Boogie who said it, but they pointed out that it's a bit funny how Steam has had this for ages and no one bitches. Then consoles attempt it an a shitstorm happens.
  7. Reechard

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    Steam is a download service, not a game console, and even if it eventually becomes a game console, it will be strictly download based. Publishers putting an incomplete game on disc, or claiming to sell a game on disc and having it be unplayable out of the box because it's incomplete.

    It may seem insubstantial to a few extremely progressive people, but if I went to the store, bought a game disk EVEN FOR PC, came home, and it didn't have a whole game on it, just a steam code to download it online, I'd probably be pissed. If I wanted a steam code I'd buy it on steam, not in a store. My only reason for buying physical media anymore would be to have a copy of the game that is playable without the internet. Tying your console to the internet simply isn't a leap consumers want to make yet, but corporations are forcing it on us. Steam ushered in the always-online age for the PC (and you can play a lot of games in offline mode if they're installed), but they did it by dropping prices ($7.50 for Arkham City today? freakin sweet!) to absolutely ridiculous "why wouldn't you buy that" levels, making it inconvenient to even pirate things because it's so cheap. If console developers want consoles to be tied to the internet, why don't they release the next gen with "XBLA features this list of 150 last-gen games for $3 each from launch day, available permanently in the XBLA store!" or "PSN for the PS4 includes these 30 PS3 games for $.99 each!" or, if they really want to garner support now, start offering last year's titles for $3 on XBLA and PSN *NOW* on the current gen, and make it a recurring policy for the next gen. Steam has published that they *make more money* when they sell games for cheaper. They don't make as much per unit, but they sell exponentially more as the price gets cut further. At full price they sell 100 copies, at 10% off they sell 150, at 50% off they sell 1000, and at 75% off they sell 100,000 copies of the game, and bring in more profit for themselves and the devs. Not sure why console mfgs haven't followed suit.
  8. CorruptDictator

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    Steam does have an offline mode you know.
  9. Nightshde

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    When steam first came out people did hated it, it was pretty crappy taking forever to download updates, and wasn't very stable. It took years for steam to become loved like it is today.

    The thing is when it comes to consoles you can't come out of the gate with things like this you have to work people up to it. When original xbox came out it didn't have Live, when the 360 came out it didn't have apps like Hulu or Netflix and the same goes for the PS3. What they should have done it come out of the gate as a more powerful xbox with the social integration, video group chat while gaming, and to really sell the kinect show that you can actually play the new one in a pitch black room. The internet stuff should have been on the backburner, get people to buy the console first then slowly introduce certain items. The 24hr requirement was dumb no matter how you looked at it, with all the companies having issues putting that requirement on $60 games did they really think people would go for that on a $500 console. It's called proof of concept, it's been tested many times but no proof of it actually working so far. The second thing that people have a hard time believing is this whole "Cloud computing" which is the same thing that EA/Maxis claimed for SimCity which people have proven doesn't actually do anything. I have also heard some developers saying that you can't really "cloud compute" select visuals, it just doesn't work that way.

    The one argument I keep hearing referring to the X1 and steam is that because its all digital they would have sales like steam. Once again this goes to proof of concept, until I actually see a decent sale on xbox I won't believe it. Right now to get any deals you have to be a xbox gold member, yup can't even see the deals if you just play single player games. They also had a 4-5 day summer sale which was mostly dlc or old games; the only decent sale they had was AC3 for $15. When I say old games I mean they had release title games like Perfect Dark Zero, which really should be only $5 by now.

    They also have been trying to show they can compete with PS+ which gives you free games with their Games with Gold where they give 2 free games a month to gold members. So far it has been pretty lackluster with 3yr old games like Fable 3, AC2, and Defense Grid. I know they are trying but they aren't really trying that hard.

    I will probably get an X1 somewhere down the line, most likely after the redesign, but right now I'm switching and going with the PS4.
  10. SoL DarkLord


    I always see it this way, which has the exclusives I'm more likely to enjoy and when do those get released in relation to the console.

    Not really having ever been a for a fan, I have liked the last title and what they want to do with the upcoming title. Now honestly you can't blam a developer if they're owned by the console company(in this case Microsoft) who refuses to not have this game available at launch for the sale of an incomplete game. It's not their choice to release unfinished it is the choice of the parent company to have it at launch.
  11. lonesome killer

    lonesome killer Banhammered


    Even though Steam technically mostly sells downloadable games and not discs, they
    1) Allow mods. Mods have been around since before Steam or Valve. The consoles do not and probably will never support mods, although every day they are becoming more like a computer
    2) Allow developers to push patches out when THEY want to, unlike consoles which make developers wait until the console company inspects it and approves it
    3) As has been said numerous times, has crazy deals on games. Not just old games, but brand new ones. Buy a 4 pack to share with your friends and save. Who else does that? Who gives you a discount for buying multiples of a game on day 1? You go to Gamestop and buy 4 Halo 4's and that's $240. You buy 4 games on Steam and they give you a discount because they love you.
    4) Allow unlimited name changes. Microsoft charges 800 Microsoft points. Speaking of which, Microsoft has that proprietary points system bullshit. As in if you have 40 points left over there's nothing you can do with it. Except buy more cards.
  12. SoL DarkLord


    2.) They want to just ensure that the patches won't hurt the system.
    4.)Difference is your Gamertag is your username, it's unique to you, like your login information for Steam. Also Microsoft is getting rid of the Point system moving to Tradition Currency.
  13. lonesome killer

    lonesome killer Banhammered

    And your Steam login is unique, but it's not displayed to anyone. You can have a display name that you can change all you want (sometimes it's bad). Would it be that hard for the consoles to do it?
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