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Discussion in 'Spam' started by VintagePC, Dec 18, 2012.

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    Well, I thought this might be something silly we can play despite the seriousness of SD.

    Basically, there are a number of logical fallacies that tend to be used whenever people are debating a point. They can be found here:

    1. Pick any 25 of those fallacies from that list.
    2. Use a bingo card generator to make a bingo card with those fallacies.
    3. Post your Bingo Card below.
    4. When you get Bingo, make another post, highlight the row you got, and link/quote the relevant sentences from posts.

    Current prize: Learning about logical fallacies and the satisfaction of knowing when an argument is flawed.
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  2. Reechard

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    welcome to spam.
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  4. areben

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    rofl. /thread
  5. gjknutsen

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