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  1. DeBo

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    Forum Rules

    1. Have fun! The following rules are set to keep our community fun while retaining civility. Follow these rules and everyone will be happy!

    2. No personal attacks of any kind in threads or in PM’s.

    3. Content that is expressly INTENDED to offend someone will not be tolerated. If someone says or does something that you deem offensive, speak with them first. If that does not resolve the issue, please contact one of the Community Managers.

    4. TRADING IS DONE AT YOUR OWN RISK. VaultF4 is not responsible for your trade turning out badly, so trade complaints will not be tolerated. That being said, blatantly “shady” posts will be result in a forum ban. Please keep all trading to the designated forum.

    5. Thread Necroing outside of Spam is not allowed.

    6. Absolutely no pornography or illegal activity.

    7. Don't be an ass! (This is our catch-all much like in the server rules)

    ** All of the above rules also apply to conversations in Shoutbox and Forum Signatures**

    **If you have any questions or concerns about these rules or a moderator’s decision feel free to contact the Community Manager or Assistant Community Manager**
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  2. LavaRed

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    Forum Signature Rules

    Nothing adds a personal touch to your forum posts quite like your signature! With that being said, here are some guidelines in regards to keeping the forum signatures community-friendly :)

    1. Nothing that breaks the width of the forum

    2. Nothing that makes a one-line post noticeably taller than the user info panel to the left of your post.

    3. Nothing that violates our content rules.

    **Note** There is a file size limit of 512kb preset for the forums.
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