Geoff's Review of Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs

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    I thought about doing a video for this, but I've ranted on enough today that I can't make myself do it. Not right this moment anyway. So instead, I'll type it all out.

    So AAMFP came out last week Tuesday, and as many people here know, I was stoked. My excitement for this game was probably on par with my excitement for a Halo game. Was I satisfied?

    Story: Fantastic. Most of the story is gotten by reading the notes you find. I won't spoil anything, but the story is insane, and the details on things is gruesome. Reading some of the notes will send shivers down your spine. This is where the game thrives. THRIVES!

    Sound/Music: Just like with The Dark Descent, the sound and music is amazing. Between the music and monster sounds, any person that is into horror games will be scared to open doors. Not to mention the music when descending into the final room of the game, oh maaaaaan.

    Voice Acting: Superb. Exactly what you'd expect from a great game.

    Graphics: They aren't on par with Crysis 3, and I played on low settings, but the graphics are still good.

    Jump scares/scary moments: This is where the game does indeed lack content. Now, don't get me wrong, if you immerse yourself in the game, you'll be scared for most of it. Riiiight up until a certain point in the game (past the sewer area). Jump scares are few, but the atmosphere helps pick up slack.

    Length: Very short. This was one of the disappointments of the game. 3-4 hours long and that's with ME playing.

    Overall: The game is still amazing. Yes, it was short and it was not as scaretastic as The Dark Descent. But to say that makes this game bad is just stupid. The story, the atmosphere, the voice acting, the sound and music, put all that together mixed in with the few jump scares and this game is still awesome. To see people bitching about 4 hours of great storytelling for the price of $15-20 is depressing.

    If you enjoy a great story and being on edge then A Machine For Pigs is perfect. Granted, I was disappointed that it didn't have me so scared that I could only do a video each night, but I'm giving this game a huge thumbs up, 8/10.

    Had it kept me scared with constant monster threats, maybe been an hour or two longer, I'd be giving it a full 10/10.

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