Guild Wars 2: Game Update Notes - August 6th, 2013

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    AidanTaylor.3872 said: August 6 Content Release Notes

    Queen's Jubilee
    A celebration to commemorate ten years of Queen Jennah’s rule is about to kick off in Divinity’s Reach! The queen has commissioned a new gladiatorial arena for the occasion—the Crown Pavilion—as a shining symbol of her people’s endurance. Take a hot air balloon ride with dignitaries from across Tyria to the capital of the Krytan nation, and be there for the opening ceremony. Join in the festivities and compete in ceremonial combat in Her Majesty’s honor!
    Hot Air Balloons

    The queen’s court has sent out hot air balloons to transport celebrants! Look for balloon towers all over Tyria.
    Ascend to the top of a balloon tower to claim a royal gift before embarking on the journey to Divinity's Reach.
    Watch for all-new dynamic events as the balloon pilots may need help keeping everything running smoothly.
    A special hot air balloon souvenir will be given to players who are festiv...

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