Guns of Icarus Online

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  1. Nacasius

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    First off lets start by saying that this game is a online port of a 2 year old steam-punk game, which will let you know the majority of what you need to about this game.

    The look and feel are great as its an already established game. As you might imagine though, the Online portion, which is still in beta, has spots of lag, but is very playable.

    This game has a great 4 man team feel and really requires teamwork to win in 3 v 3 ship battles.

    Multiple ingame chat channels, team, captain only, and global allows for all levels of chats.

    Playing captain for the ship and learning to fly it and evade/attack is a new fun all its own and worth getting the game just for that feature alone.

    2 Thumbs, 2 Toes and 1 nerd boner way way up.
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