[FoF] Halloween update released!

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    Hi partners, our Halloween 2015 was released today. What's in there may you wonder? We have extended the shootout game mechanic quite a bit by adding a new power-up...

    The Ragged Madman

    The new power-up exclusive for Halloween mode is short period of 30 seconds where player becomes an unstoppable killing machine, these are the bonuses it grants:
    • 2 Peacemaker revolvers are granted
    • infinite shots, no need to reload
    • walk using an innovative butt based technique which results in no inaccuracy while moving!
    You become a ragged madman by picking up the green potion bottles you'll find on top magic cauldrons or dropped from other players and ghosts. Ghosts can't be killed by firearm or blunt weapons but they can be taken away somehow... (hint: explosives or fall from high places!)


    Three Halloween themed maps, featuring the renewed CreepyCreek!

    This update is also special because we are adding a vastly improved version of our classic map fof_cripplecreek by RedYager. In this case its Halloween variant 'creepycreek', the daylight version will follow in next update. New visuals and the layout for a few key areas has been redone completely, hope you enjoy it!


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