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Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by deskmice, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. deskmice

    deskmice Well-Known Member

    Hello Everyone,
    As you may have heard I will be hosting a Hearthstone Tournament Monday night (24th) at 8:00 EST. This hopefully the release date of TGT so we can see new cards in use before a meta develops. We are going to use the format being used at ATLC. We will be playing on teams of 3. Between the team you must use 6 classes/heroes (2 Classes for each player). If you can not find a team post the classes you can play below to help find a team.
    This video explains how the ATLC Matches work. Please ignore how the scores and times work.

    The Bracket: http://challonge.com/VF4Hearthstone2 (Not up right now)
    1. 6 different class decks per team (ie: Hunter, Mage, Warlock, Paly, Priest, Warrior)
    2. Blind pick decks for every game
    3. Similar to the conquest tournament, once you win with that deck, you cannot use that deck til the next series. When a team locks ALL 6 decks, they've won.
    4. Since each person in a team has 2 decks, if that player hypothetically went back to back and lost, until his other teammate(s) win a game, he can't play his decks.
    5. After about 2-3 rounds, records will be tallied. Tiebreakers included.

    DotaNoob - Amedeus, Leaking Canteen, Wondabarrappa
    Unnamed - Deskmice, NameIsName, ?
    Power Rangers - Russ, TLK, Agua
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  2. NameIsName

    NameIsName Achievement Hunter

    ~~~If you need a team please post below saying you need a team~~~
  3. Amanmegaman

    Amanmegaman Well-Known Member

    I need a team
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