how can i host a dedicated server?

Discussion in 'Help & Support' started by [APG] Mr.L, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. [APG] Mr.L

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    I'm New here, can somebody tell how can i host a dedicated server for TF2C? thanks.
  2. Weasel

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    Setting-up and running a dedicated server for any game, requires a bit more technical know-how than just playing the game.

    However, if you already know how to setup and host dedicated servers for other Source-based games (TF2, CS:GO, etc.), it is basically the same process.
    The "AppID" you need to install using Valve's SteamCMD utility is: AppID 244310 = "Source SDK Base 2013 Dedicated Server".

    If you haven't done that before, Basically the setup process is roughly like this:
    1. Install Valve's SteamCMD utility on the computer that you will use to host the dedicated server.
    2. Create a folder on that computer, where all the "dedicated server" stuff for this game will be stored.
    3. Run SteamCMD from a command-prompt.
    4. Logon to SteamCMD as "anonymous" (no password).
    5. Inside SteamCMD's prompt, set the option "force_install_dir" to the folder you created.
    6. Inside SteamCMD's prompt, use the "app_update 244310 validate" command to download the "Source SDK Base 2013 Dedicated Server" stuff into that folder you created.
    7. That should result in a folder structure like this:
      /whateverfolderyoumade <------------------------- The folder you created
      /whateverfolderyoumade/bin -------------------+
      /whateverfolderyoumade/hl2                    |
      /whateverfolderyoumade/hl2mp                  +-- Base "dedicated server" install from Valve
      /whateverfolderyoumade/platform               |
      /whateverfolderyoumade/steamapps -------------+
    8. Quit SteamCMD.
    9. Download the latest TF2C beta zip file (see this page).
    10. Extract the contents of the TF2C zip file into that same folder, such that the "tf2classic" folder is just inside the folder you created.
    11. That should result in a folder structure like this:
      /whateverfolderyoumade <------------------------- The folder you created
      /whateverfolderyoumade/bin -------------------+
      /whateverfolderyoumade/hl2                    |
      /whateverfolderyoumade/hl2mp                  +-- Base "dedicated server" install from Valve
      /whateverfolderyoumade/platform               |
      /whateverfolderyoumade/steamapps -------------+
      /whateverfolderyoumade/tf2classic ------------+
      /whateverfolderyoumade/tf2classic/bin         |
      /whateverfolderyoumade/tf2classic/cfg         +-- Stuff from the TF2c download
      /whateverfolderyoumade/tf2classic/maps        |
      /whateverfolderyoumade/tf2classic/materials   |
      /whateverfolderyoumade/tf2classic/sound ------+
      (NOTE: That is not a complete list of the folder, just a sample showing where they should be relative to each other).
    That should mostly complete the installation of the dedicated server.
    To actually "run" it, see Valve's documentation for Source Dedicated Server (SRCDS).
    Basically, from a command-prompt, change that folder you created, and you use a command something like this:
    • If running the dedicated server on Windows:
      ./srcds.exe -game tf2classic +map ctf_2port +maxplayers 24
    • If running the dedicated server on Linux:
      ./srcds_run -game tf2classic +map ctf_2port +maxplayers 24

    Hope this helps, or at least gets you pointed in the right direction! =)

    PS: This brief guide does NOT cover related topics such as:
    • If hosting on Linux, do NOT host under "root" (or "Administrator" on Windows for that matter).
    • Various pre-requisites for install on Linux, running as a disconnected/background process, etc.
    • Various network/firewall issues (which ports to open, "port forwarding", static IP address assignments, etc.)
    • How hosting a server at your home, just is not going to work very well (different upload/download rates, latency/lag, non-static addresses, firewall issues, etc.).
  3. [APG] Mr.L

    [APG] Mr.L Noob

    Thanks for the info.
  4. applesho0ter

    applesho0ter Well-Known Member

    There already was a guide:
    Please google sh*t first before you discuss it :)
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