[FoF] Improvement program: survey results.

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    Howdy! As you probably know, we started a survey a few days ago. I'd like to thank all of you because participation has been massive in quantity and quality too. This data surely will help us to make a better game in the future.

    Check a summary of the results here.

    The sensation I get from your replies is a bit mixed. First of all, most people already had some previous experience in first person shooters, and most of them played the game long enough so these results don't come from novice or inexperienced players.

    The most repeated complain is related to weapon accuracy, it probably was much worse before accuracy numeric meter was added but the problem still persist at certain degree. That's an aspect not explained properly as it requires the player to guess from certain hints. Not knowing what certain keys do (as walking) is also problematic, it should be addressed too. There's also multiple petitions to explain other aspects but they don't seem as critical as those mentioned previously.

    An in-game tutorial could help here, for sure. I don't think everything should be explained there, just the most important stuff: basic controls (movement, weapon selection, use key), how to shoot accurately in different scenarios, alternative attacks and not really much more. There's already lot of information in the game and guides made by the community for those willing to learn and improve their skills. What do you think?

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