Installing TF2 Classic with Screenshots! (Client)

Discussion in 'Help & Support' started by GardenFreeman, Jul 1, 2015.

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    <div data-redactor="1" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px;">1.¬†Download the client2. Once downloaded, extract everything to your "steamapps/sourcemods" directory. You should now have "steamapps/sourcemods/tf2classic"[​IMG]

    3. Go to the 'Tools' section in your Steam client[​IMG]

    4. Install Source SDK 2013 Base Multiplayer[​IMG]

    5. After it's installed, right click it and select Properties, then click the Betas tab and choose "Upcoming".[​IMG]

    6. Close the properties and it should begin updating.7. Once it has finished updating, restart Steam8. Check your games. You should see "Team Fortress 2 Classic" has appeared on your games library.[​IMG]

    Done! Welcome to Team Fortress 2 Classic![​IMG]
  2. PoottooP

    PoottooP Noob

    I did the exact instructions, still nothing.
  3. Octavia

    Octavia Noob

    it works but it crashes right when it loads the main menu what is happening
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