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  1. Zilor

    Zilor Noob

    This guide will teach you how to setup a dedicated Team Fortress 2 Classic Server.

    1. Create a folder for SteamCMD and Team Fortress 2 Classic.
      For example
      for SteamCMD and
      for Team Fortress 2 Classic
    2. Download SteamCMD
    3. Open your SteamCMD folder
    4. Extract the contents of the zip to your SteamCMD folder.
    5. Create a batch file
    6. Open the batch file and write the following script into it
      steamcmd +runscript tf2classic.txt
    7. Create a text file and name it
    8. Open the text file and write the following commands into it:
      @ShutdownOnFailedCommand 1
      @NoPromptForPassword 1
      login anonymous
      force_install_dir C:\Server\tf2classic\
      app_update 244310 -beta beta_test validate
    9. Execute the batch file
    10. Wait for SteamCMD to finish the download
    11. Download Team Fortress 2 Classic (Full) You can find the download here
    12. Open your Team Fortress 2 Classic folder
    13. Extract the contents of the 7z to your Team Fortress 2 Classic folder.
    14. Open your Team Fortress 2 Classic cfg Folder
    15. Create a config file and name it
    16. Open the config file
      and write the follwing settings into it (Change these the way you want)
      hostname "TF2Classic Server"
      rcon_password "SpysappingmyWiki"
      motdfile "motd.txt"
      motdfile_text "motd_txt.txt"
      mapcyclefile "mapcycle.txt"
      sv_visiblemaxplayers "24"
      sv_pure "0"
      sv_cheats "0"
      sv_pausable "0"
      setpause "0"
      sv_lan "0"
      sv_stats "0"
      sv_contact "[email protected]"
      sv_region "-1"
      sv_allowupload "1"
      sv_allowdownload "1"
      net_maxfilesize "15"
      sv_downloadurl ""
      log "on"
      sv_log_onefile "1"
      sv_logfile "1"
      sv_logbans "1"
      sv_logecho "1"
      sv_voiceenable "1"
      sv_alltalk "0"
      fps_max "600"
      sv_minrate "0"
      sv_maxrate "60000"
      sv_minupdaterate "20"
      sv_maxupdaterate "66"
      mp_forcecamera "1"
      mp_allowspectators "1"
      mp_footsteps "1"
      mp_idledealmethod "1"
      mp_idlemaxtime "5"
      sv_timeout "30"
      mp_autoteambalance "1"
      mp_teams_unbalance_limit "2"
      mp_enableroundwaittime "1"
      mp_bonusroundtime "8"
      mp_restartround "0"
      mp_timelimit "30"
      mp_stalemate_enable "1"
      mp_stalemate_timelimit "300"
      tf_damage_disablespread "0"
      tf_overtime_nag "0"
      tf_playergib "1"
      tf_weapon_criticals "1"
      tf2c_autojump 0
      tf2c_bunnyjump_max_speed_factor 1.20
      tf2c_duckjump 0
      tf2c_groundspeed_cap 15
      tf2c_random_weapons 0
      decalfrequency "30"
      exec banned_user.cfg
      exec banned_ip.cfg
    17. Open your Team Fortress 2 Classic folder
    18. Create a batch file
    19. Open the batch file and write the following script into it
      start srcds.exe -console -game tf2classic +map ctf_2fort +maxplayers 24
    20. Execute the batch file to start your own dedicated Team Fortress 2 Classic Server
    21. Enjoy your own dedicated Team Fortress 2 Classic Server


    Is there a Linux/Mac version?
    <i>Not at the moment.

    </i>Nobody can join my server.
    <i>You need to open the ports required by srcds.
    <i>The ports SRCDS officially requires are:
    • 27015 TCP/UDP (game transmission, pings and RCON)
    • 27020 UDP (SourceTV transmission)

    SRCDS has also been spotted opening connections on 27005 and 51840 UDP, but these may be outbound only.

    </i>Is there a list with all cvars?
    I'm working on this.
  2. Thanks for this! You may want to link the server files at a later time. The old website that was hosting them is no more.
  3. Zilor

    Zilor Noob

    Which server files?
    Did you mean the Source SDK 2013 Multiplayer Base Dedicated Server files? Because they are downloaded by the SteamCMD client.

    Edit: Oh, I forgot the link to the current Team Fortress 2 Classic download page.
  4. Thanks for the guide!!! :)
  5. shoyzedaka

    shoyzedaka Noob

    Thanks i will be opening a Server :)
  6. JustSkills

    JustSkills Noob

    aNY OTHER WAY THAN PORTFORWARD? sorry caps. Cause only my mum knows my routers username and password
  7. Zilor

    Zilor Noob

    Yes, you can create a virtual private network (VPN). However, all clients need to join your private network to play on your server. Therefore this solution is more sutable for a private server (for you and your friends).

    A well known zero-configuration virtual private network application is Hamatchi.
  8. MaartenS11

    MaartenS11 Well-Known Member

    My server cant find srcds.exe
  9. Trittyburd

    Trittyburd DMC Tester DMC Tester

    I have been trying to make a server, and the .bat file to start the server cant find the srcds.exe, is there anything else I could do?
  10. Weasel

    Weasel Noob

    Note: This does work under Linux dedicated server as well, I have a server running on it right now. The only "weirdness" I have experienced with it, is related to SourceMod menus, etc. - which is not about it running under Linux, and more about some things that might need to be done to make TF2C more "compatible" with SourceMod (see related thread on SourceMod forums).
    I have had 54 different players connect to it so-far (in just the last few days its been up, see stats). So, it seems to be stable under Ubuntu 14.04.
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