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    The Hook: As a joint venture between the Bountiful Venture Company and the government of Andoran, an expedition to settle a new colony on Ancorato Island is being funded. You have applied to join the expedition and received the letter at the top in return, which states that you will be in the second wave of colonists to settle. The first wave has already landed and begun construction on the colony of Talmandor's Bounty. You are tasked with arriving in 6 weeks time and some much needed supplies. You are also carrying Ramona Avandth, the colony's new leader.
    Upon arrival on the Peregrine you will be asked to sign the town charter before boarding. The charter states that you agree to follow the laws of Andoran and take up duties as assigned by Ramona in Talmandor's Bounty. In exchange you will receive a tax free parcel of land on Ancorato Island, once the Island's exports begin to become profitable.
    Ancorato Island is located in the Arcadian Ocean, it was formerly apart of the continent of Azlant before Earthfall shattered the continent and killed the Azlantians. This story takes place 10,010 years later in 4717.

    Link to Character Creation and House Rules
    I have made two changes to the rules from our last campaign. The first is concerning over-sized weapons, they have new penalties and guidelines (minimum str requirements, no one-handing). The second is that Precise Shot can be taken without a prerequisite and Precise Shot can replace Point Blank Shot as a prerequisite. Also on the RoA tab you'll find a new set of "Field Weapons" that can be made quickly with the survival check but are otherwise worse than regular weapons. You also find the tables for rolling a random character for the 1 k gp. You can use any character sheet that can be linked to me so i can bookmark it. All racial point buys are listed next to the race on the random creation tables. Please roll for random characters in this thread, if you are choosing that option.

    Specific's for Ruins of Azlant:
    -Merfolk will be allowed for this campaign if you take the racial alternate that gives you a land speed of 15ft, they have 15 PB.
    -You have to have something that would get you accepted to join the expedition. Your campaign trait can help with this. The easiest way is to be Andorian, as farmers and general laborers are being selected from among the locals. Otherwise you must have some useful service that you can provide. You can be creative, they know Azlanti ruins are there and welcome scholars on the subject, beyond that showcasing that you are a good hunter, or soldier would work, but feel free to come up with something else.
    -If you are proficient with a Machete (Martial) you gain +1 to survival in Dense forest/ Jungle with it.
    -This campaign has elements of water combat/exploration, island survival, and some limited city management. Each person does not need to be proficient at all of these, but each of the following skills will be necessary from at least one party member: Swim, Survival, and Diplomacy.
    -You will face swarms and incorporeal at lvl 1, you have been warned.
    -A few early fights are not winnable, and are not supposed to be (such as the incorporeal fight at first lvl). Don't die, these moments provide context for things to happen later.
    -You will fight on land as well, in the first book there is more land than water based combat.
    -Rolls will occur in the forum not roll2o

    Ramona is meeting everybody as they board the Peregrine to sign the charter, and inquire about your background. Post a reply to Ramona in this thread, this will act as a character introduction for the campaign.
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    Hey all! I'm going with the random character creation option, so I'll roll that here + get my intro together once I know who/what I am. Here goes!

    !roll 1d20 #race
    !roll 1d100 #class
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  4. Alkonost

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    Okay! I formatted that incorrectly it seems, once more with feeling.

    !roll 1d20 #race
    !roll 1d100 #class
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    race: 19

    class: 21

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  6. Alkonost

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    And the class is Monk! Now to reroll on the very uncommon race table, this should be interesting :) !roll 1d21
  7. Statboy

    Statboy Resident Cueball

    Start all rolls on a new line, then it should roll. Monk will be fun though, nobody has rolled one of those in any of our groups yet
  8. Alkonost

    Alkonost Not a Noob

    Whoops! Appreciate the guidance there. Yeah I'm excited, would be interested in hearing which archetypes are okay with the UC Monk? I know more than a few are contingent on chained class features.

    !roll 1d21 #weirdo race time
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    weirdo race time: 21

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  10. theLumberJack

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    !roll 1d20 #Initial Race Roll
    !roll 1d100 #Initial Class Roll
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    Initial Race Roll: 13

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    !roll 1d16 #Featured Race Roll
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  14. Kiryu

    Kiryu Well-Known Member

    Hello everybody. I don't have a particular character that will fit, so I will random roll as well. How much coordination would you guys like to do so that we don't overlap too much on skills?

    !roll 1d20 #Initial Race Roll

    !roll 1d100 #Class Roll
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  16. Kiryu

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    !roll 1d16 #Uncommon Race Roll
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    Uncommon Race Roll: 12

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  18. Statboy

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    It occurs that i havnt linked the players guide pdf. Everybody should have the roll20 invite link now, just check your inbox in the top right. Remember two traits, one has to be a campaign. We'll take a few days to finish up characters and hopefully start on sunday. If you have any questions let me know, either in shoutbox or one of these threads.
    Current team comp is:
    Nagaji Cleric
    Syrinx Monk
    Wayang Medium
    Undine Oracle
    Undine Croc Hunter (cricky)

    Only the Croc Hunter hasnt rolled a random character, so he can still be changed. For those that rolled a random character you can use any archetype for your rolled class.
  19. Statboy

    Statboy Resident Cueball

    Since some of you have wrapped up your character creation remember to do this

    -Ramona is meeting everybody as they board the Peregrine to sign the charter, and inquire about your background. Post a reply to Ramona in this thread, this will act as a character introduction for the campaign. Please include why your PC was selected to join the expedition. These dont need to be long, i expect most of your background and personality to come out during RP. This is mostly a basic overview of your character.
  20. Srekcins

    Srekcins Well-Known Member

    Greetings, Ramona. I'm Variel. Variel Tessara. Sorry if I seem nervous, but I'm a bit excited. I'm a practitioner in the art of alchemy, and can make various potions and extracts for locals. I've done a little bit of exploring in my time, as well, and look forward to furthering what I've already studied on the Azlanti culture. I've learned the language, as well, so I think I could be a valuable asset to the expedition.
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  21. Alkonost

    Alkonost Not a Noob

    Alkonost lumbers up the slowly swaying gangplank of the Peregrine, at once comforted by the undulation of the waves and smell of brine. He fixes his wide yellow eyes on the small group gathered on the quarterdeck and slowly bobs his way over, craning his long neck to see the charter over the shoulders of others. When the crowd clears, he inclines his head to Ramona and thrusts a letter of character reference into her hands before simply chirping

    Alkonost' in a shrill, reedy voice. He takes the quill, considering the sleek calamus for a moment before scrawling a wide 'V' shape within a circle, making an eyeless strigine face. Placing it back in the inkwell, Alkonost shuffles his bulk to the side to make room for the next signee.
  22. Kiryu

    Kiryu Well-Known Member

    Guess it's my turn.

    Kiryu approaches Ramona.

    Greetings Ramona. Down here. Professional Cook reporting as requested. If you can dig it up or kill it, I can make it into food for someone. As my application states, I was encouraged to leave my village by the elders after a seer saw disaster, so this expedition is the perfect place for me. I have some decent language skills, so if some watery natives are nearby, I can sit down with them for a good meal. I also have some talent when it comes to understanding magic, so if that comes up, I am more than happy to help! The name's Kiryu.
  23. theLumberJack

    theLumberJack Achievement Hunter Member from long ago...

    Maura approaches Ramona, keeping her eyes up to lip read any response.

    Greetings Ramona! I'm Maura! I'm hoping to build a temple to Gozreh in Talmandor's Bounty, with my friends help. I'll let them introduce themselves, they should be in line behind me. I can help heal people with my magic if anyone gets hurt! I can also help with record keeping, I'm great at copying documents!
  24. Statboy

    Statboy Resident Cueball

    Ramana to Alkonost- Greetings, its lovely to meet you. I understand Captain Marcosi has requested you to serve some duties aboard the ship, you are requested to serve a few shifts in the umm ahem crows nest as a far eyes. Once we make shore you will be expected to serve in the colony guard and assist the farmers.

    Ramona to Kiryu- Hello there friend, good to have you aboard. Our head cook, Hondren, was excited to hear about you. Hondren is a little in over his head cooking for so many people. You'll be tasked with assisting him during the voyage, and being a butcher once we reach the Island.

    Ramona to Variel- Hi, its nice to see another lady aboard, and I'm not the only one who thinks so. Our resident Azlanti experts Lyra and Perrell are itching to compare notes on Azlanti history, and the colony Alchemist Alva has requested you to be her assistant once we make landfall.

    Ramona to Maura & (still unnamed Vintage PC)- Good morning to you both. And may Gozreh bless our voyage, and show only her female side. No offense, the goddess of the sea and good voyages is welcome, but I would like to be safely ashore before the god of the storm pays us a visit. Once we reach Talmandor's bounty you will both be tasked with assiting Father Eamon and Father Kurvis in healing, as well as assisting the fisherman in obtaining food from the sea.

    Once all the colonists have safely boarded, the crew of the Peregrine begin the process of casting off into the Inner Sea. Ramona gathers all the colonist's below deck out of the way of the sailors, and address's the group.
    Today we set sail to a far away Island, one that ten thousand years ago was apart of a great continent and inhabited by one of the most advanced civilizations known to Golarion, the Azlanti's. No one is entirely sure what happened, but 10,100 years ago the gods in their wroth plucked a star from the sky and threw it at the continent of Azlant. The impact shattered the continent into thousands of islands, submerging the greatest part of it. The Inner Sea itself was said to have formed from the water flowing away from the impact. What followed was the Age of Darkness, 1000 years of dust blotting out the sun, and the near extinction of all surface dwelling creatures. Yet one Azlanti lived long after all the others died. Aroden, the last Azlanti, and a god. The current year is 4717 by Absolam Reckoning (AR). Absolam Reckoning began when Aroden went on a great voyage and plucked the Starstone from beneath the shattered continent of Azlant, and brought it to an uninhabited island. This island is Kortos, and the place the star stone rest's became Absolam, the center of commerce for all Golarion. To this day if you manage to touch the Star Stone, you will ascend to godhood. In 4606 AR, suddenly and without warning, the clerics of Aroden stopped recieving spells. Aroden was never heard from again. This is the legacy of the land in which we settle. May we also aspire to be so great, that people still speak of us in 10,000 years.
  25. VintagePC

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    Eko looks around, and realizing that there's nobody else left to board, picks up his pack and steps forward.

    Sorry - I get a little absentminded sometimes, far too many things in the world that one can contemplate on. I wouldn't miss this for the world though, I've known Maura for years and I jumped at the chance to document anything we may find on this expedition. Of course my services are available to the party, for I am sure they will come in handy as we venture forth.

    TL;DR - in the rear, with the gear :D
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