Is closer TF2 rocket behavior planned?

Discussion in 'Other' started by QRM, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. QRM

    QRM Noob

    When I can get on the game there doesn't seem to be many people on, so I've lately just been playing around with rocket jumping on maps. I know the recent patch helped to make rocket jumping behavior more TF2 authentic, but the rockets still feel weird compared to it, seemingly having a slight delay and coming from a different location on the model, which affects a lot of rocket jumping behavior, like requiring higher aim for quicker pogo jumps.

    I love the beta so far, played a few DM matches, it's just really hard with my 6 years of maining Soldier to get used to how the rockets work here. It might be a big turn off for me if it doesn't change. I don't know how the team wants to direct how weapons work.

  2. Trotim

    Trotim Well-Known Member

    @QRM Thanks, we're investigating
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