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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by blacknumbers, Jul 10, 2015.

  1. blacknumbers

    blacknumbers Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone.

    I haven't been here in a while. Last time I was here, I didn't fly well with people for reasons I'm still not sure of, so I decided to give up on trying to reason with them and left. Since then I've developed friends outside the internet and I'm way happier than I ever was.

    I got involved with school and more recently music. I'm about to be a Senior in college and the only game I play regulary is Project M with my friends. I gave up on TF2 a long, long time ago.

    I'm curious as to how the site is doing. When Freefrag turned into VaultF4, I didn't know how the site was going to continue. Well, it's still here, and while my curiosity is going, I might as well check. How are things?

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. VintagePC

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    Welcome back :)

    Things have been pretty quiet around here but we're still around. I'd say be glad you got out of tf2 when you did... it's only gone downhill and Valve seems to keep making changes that make it harder and harder to get a decent influx of new players. We're always keeping our eyes out for new things and we have high hopes for TF2Classic to become popular.

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