[Killing Floor] Killing Floor Update - 1064

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    New Map
    • Thrills and Chills Amusement Park (KF-ThrillChill)

    All Holiday Event Zeds Can Be Turned On
    • Servers (and clients acting as servers) can change a line in their KillingFloor.ini file to change what special event zeds will be in their game.
    • In the Killingfloor.ini, section [KFmod.KFGameType] find the line (or if it is missing admins can add it): SpecialEventType=

    Valid inputs for this field are:
    • ET_None - Standard Specimens
    • ET_SummerSideshow - Summer Specimens
    • ET_HillbillyHorror - Halloween Specimens
    • ET_TwistedChristmas - Christmas Specimens

    • All event achievements have been turned on permanently

    • Fixed a case of logspam that would degrade performance

    More information on the video contest can be found here: http://forums.tripwireinteractive.co...d.php?t=102612

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