[League of Legends] [lol] 12/7 Pbe Update: Steel Legion Lux, Particle Updates, Bc Nerfs

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    The PBE has been updated! Santa Gragas must have stopped by and stuffed a BRAND NEW Lux skin under the ole League of Legends tree, as well as some more festive particles for the new skins we saw yesterday.
    Continue reading for all the new goodies including the Steel Legion Lux skin, updates to Slay Belle Katarinaand Bad Santa Veigar's particles, and another set of balance changes.

    Steel Legion Lux
    She's here! The Steel Legion Lux skin I mentioned yesterday, which was previously nothing more than some particles and a name, has been added and boy is she fancy!


    Here is the INCOMPLETE video preview. Notice the new recall, how she shoots her auto attacks out of her staff, and her moving armor. The particles are clearly not finalized yet but the files hint they may contain plasma-y effects

    New Skins available for testing
    Several of the new skins are now available for testing, including Slay Belle Katarina, Dark Candy Fiddlesticks,Neon Strike Vi, and Snow Day Ziggs.
    This leaves only Bad Santa Veigar , Masked Shaco, and Steel Legion Lux unavailable for testing.
    New and Updated Particles
    The new holiday themed Katarina skin has been named "Slay Belle Katarina" and features several new particles.
    Additionally, Bad Santa Veigar got a few new particles, but judging by his sounds he is still missing a number of them ( ex: his W has an ornament sound but normal graphic )
    Here is an updated video of both sets the new changes in action.
    Balance Changes

    • Assault and Battery damage reduced to 200/350/500 from 200/375/550

    Black Cleaver
    • Armor Penetration changed to Unique
    • Armor Penetration reduced to 10 from 15
    • Passive effect now reduces armor by 6.25% per stack down from 7.5%
    • Armor Penetration reduced to 10 from 15.
    Credit: http://www.surrenderat20.net/2012/12/127-pbe-update.html
  2. tigar

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    naww so they are going to ruin my 90% armor pen darius build D: :p
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