[MOBA] [lol] Eleisa's Miracle Rework With Season 3

Discussion in 'Archives' started by Brother Ariman, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. Brother Ariman

    Brother Ariman Grand Moderator of Noxus

    Tentative Stats (In Testing)
    Eleisa's Miracle
    (1175 Gold)
    +10 Health per 5 seconds
    +15 Mana per 5 seconds
    Removed Tenacity
    Unique Passive - Aid: Your Heal, Clairvoyance and Revive cooldowns are reduced by 20%
    Unique Passive: If you gain 3 levels while holding Eleisa's Miracle, you gain 10 HP/5, 15 MP/5 and the Aid Passive permanently and the item disappears from your inventory.
  2. lonesome killer

    lonesome killer Banhammered

    Holy damn. This sounds great with supports. Also love the new abilities they are going to try with items.
  3. CaptSpiffy

    CaptSpiffy Best Moderator NA

    holy shit, a reason to actually upgrade a philo stone?
    Ok, I'm interested. Season 3 is gonna kick ass.
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