[League of Legends] [LoL] Freljord Journal #4 Lissandra and the Frostgaurd

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    Frostguard city, eastern Freljord

    I underestimated the journey here. The snow and the glacial landscape slowed our travel, and Val could hardly fly in this cold to scout the way ahead. We'd nearly run out of rations by the time we reached the Frostguard city gates, but the tribesman welcomed us as allies of Ashe and fed us well.

    This place is nothing like the Avarosan camp or Sejuani's roaming warband. The city seems somehow both ancient and new. Its black stone structures are clearly ages old and climb the walls of the glaciers. How were they built?

    Lissandra, the leader of the Frostguard, is a well-spoken and elegant woman who carries herself with the poise and presence of a Queen. She reminds me more of the nobility of Demacia than the barbarians of Freljord—maybe that's why Val doesn't like her.

    Frostguard city, later

    We've been treated well as envoys of Demacia, but something isn't right. Lissandra will tell me very little about her alliance with Ashe. I asked her of the troll threat, which she believes is overstated. Lissandra claims the Frostguard are capable of wiping out the trolls and securing the east, yet if that is the case, why hasn't she struck back? When I mentioned the Ice Witch, she dismissed the rumors I'd heard as children's tales.

    The Frostguard insist on escorting us at all times, and there are parts of the city we're not allowed to see. What is it they don't want us to know?

    If there are secrets here, I'll find them. Val and I will investigate the city at night. The guards will never know we left our quarters.

    Frostguard city, night

    Something is wrong here.

    I crept through the city with Val circling above. This place is even stranger at night. Many of the structures here are marked with a symbol of an open, staring eye. It's everywhere, watching over the city and everyone in it. And I don't like feeling watched.

    We came upon a group of Frostguard deep in the city. They knelt in a circle around a giant stone eye and spoke in a strange tongue, venerating it. The Frostguard are hiding something—something that's clearly more important to them than an alliance with the Avarosan. What are they planning?

    I can't shake the feeling that we're being watched. We aren't safe. Val and I are leaving—now.
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    Looks like the people who were theorizing that Lissandra was the ice witch may be right.
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