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Discussion in 'Archives' started by Brother Ariman, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Brother Ariman

    Brother Ariman Grand Moderator of Noxus

    Hey this intro is pretty cool... is that... children?

    Cling clang go the chains
    Someones out to find you
    Cling clang go the chains
    The Wardens right behind you
    Quick now, the seeking chains
    Approaching with their true strength
    Don't stop, flee the chains
    Your last chance to escape
    Drag the chains, drag the chains
    With all the strength you may
    Drag the chains, drag the chains
    Ere they drag you away
    Cling clang go the chains
    No time for fear
    Cling Clang know the chains
    The last sound that you'll hear
  2. Ragnorok

    Ragnorok Demon of Obliteration

    Nightmare on Elm Street anyone? :D
  3. CorruptDictator

    CorruptDictator I want a custom title, but I dont trust VintagePC

    Although I keep music and animations on my launcher disabled, I have to admit since they started doing this extra stuff it has been pretty cool and always improving.
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