[Minecraft] looking for silverwood saplings

Discussion in 'Archives' started by tigar, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. tigar

    tigar Achievement Hunter

    As the title says im in need of a lot(and i do mean a lot) of silverwood saplings so any single sapling would help

    If anyone has any and is willing to give or trade it to me please tell me when im ingame or on here :)

    Reason i need them is they are used for thaumcraft and wands and other items wont charge unless there is a node nearby and the area around spawn(and about 500 blocks around it) has no nodes so none of the tools will charge up causing thaumcraft to be useless in that area except for research(the aura wont get tainted so no wisps will spawn)

    What im doing is making a series of silverwood trees to make new nodes to bring over the vis from nearby big nodes to my village so that i dont have to run 300 blocks to charge my items and as those trees have a 0-2 drop rate on saplings with a 70% chance of 0 saplings and 50% of 1 and 5% of 2 so getting a few saplings is hard as hell and i need a lot

    Anyway im willing to trade you for it if its a reasonable item
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