[SMITE] Lost Match Rewards August 9th HotFix

Discussion in 'Archives' started by Geoff, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. Geoff

    Geoff Sir "Let's Play"

    Following a hot fix on Friday August 9, many users did not receive favor, worshipers or goodwill for many matches. Win/Loss stats also were recorded incorrectly for some period of time.
    A temporary solution improved the situation greatly yesterday, but what we hope is a final solution for the issue was put in place with a server restart this morning, Saturday August 10.
    Unfortunately, due to the nature of the data loss, we cannot accurately recreate everything needed to properly give back all rewards. However, as a thank you to our fan base and for everyone's patience through these issues, we have awarded 7500 favor to everyone that completed a match during the problem period yesterday.
    We are working to restore the win/loss records as completely as we can. We believe we will be able to restore most of that data but some unfortunately may be lost.
    Thank you so much again for your support of SMITE and for your understanding. It certainly is not fun for anyone to have issues like this, but as someone working on the game, I can definitely say that it is great to have such a great player base support behind the game and we really appreciate how our players handled these problems. Thanks again.


    I don't even remember playing during this time, but hey I got 7500 free favor. Almost makes my skin purchase free!
  2. Deviance

    Deviance Noob

    This is a nice way for the dev team to handle the situation and the 7500 favor came in just in time as I wanted a new god .:)
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