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    NOTE: Minion and Jungle Creep ragdolling upon death has been temporarily disabled while a crash condition is investigated.

    New God:
    Loving Embrace (PASSIVE)
    Gaining Aphrodite's favor is a blessing in that 30% of all mana gained by Aphrodite is granted to her soul mate.

    Aphrodite blows a kiss to an allied god, making them her soul mate and giving them both +4/8/12/16/20% movement speed. If the kiss hits an enemy god, they are stunned for 1s and Aphrodite's soul mate gets jealous, making them deal 4/8/12/16/20% increased damage for 8 seconds. Cost - 50/55/60/65/70. Cooldown - 16/15/14/13/12s.
    Back Off!

    Agitated by all the attention, Aphrodite commands enemies to get away from her, doing 90/160/230/300/370 (+60% of your magical power) magical damage around her and knocking them back. If Aphrodite has a soul mate, they get agitated instead, and the damage originates on them, dealing the same damage and slowing by 25% for 2s instead. Cost - 70/75/80/85/90. Cooldown - 12s.
    Love Birds

    Aphrodite calls forth a flock of beautiful doves that fly forward in the area in front of her. The doves circle around all enemies in the path, damaging enemies for 10/17/24/31/38 (+15% of your magical power) magical damage every .5s for 3s. Aphrodite and her soul mate are healed for 10/17/24/31/38 (+15% of your magical power) every .5s for 3s. Cost - 70/75/80/85/90. Cooldown - 16/15/14/13/12s.

    Undying Love
    Aphrodite pledges undying love to herself and her Soul Mate. While this is active, her and her Soul Mate are invulnerable to all damage for .8/1.1/1.4/1.7/2s. All crowd control effects are also removed when activated. Cost - 100. Cooldown - 90/85/80/75/70s.

    New Skins:
    Hercules Grand Slam
    Aphrodite Majestrix
    Convention 2013 Kali Skin (available through promotions only).
    Alienware Ra Skin (available through promotions only).

    “Teams” are now called “Clans”.

    All gods have been relabeled either Assassin, Bruiser, Tank, Mage, Support or Carry. God tooltips have also been adjusted to provide information more succinctly.

    The “GUIDES” menu has undergone significant enhancement. These changes include significant updates to the Character Builder, and new sections for Video Tutorials, God Guides, Community Websites and more.

    Consumables currently equipped by players now show on the in-game scoreboard.

    The Joust Practice mode can now be played in Co-Op mode in parties up to 3. You will face off against one to three enemy gods, based on your party size.

    Additional bot gods have been added to the Co-op Practice Arena. Kali, Sobek and Anubis join the fight.

    A new “Jungle Practice” map has been added under the Practice tab on the PLAY menu. In this map, you can practice fighting each type of Jungle creep in a controlled environment.

    When creating a Custom Match, you can now choose to utilize the 4-Ban Draft Pick mode, which allows each team to ban two gods.

    The visibility range of wards now shows more accurately on the mini-map, based on line-of-sight rules.

    The health bars on the Gold Fury, Towers, Phoenixes and Fire Giant have been modified.

    Modifications have been made to how sound is attenuated in the Jungle.

    Various cleanups have been made to the Match Lobby user interface.

    Various bug fixes and cleanups have been made to the Tutorial.

    Fixed an issue where enemy players caught inside of vortexes (Poseidon’s Whirlpool / Hades’ Pillar of Agony) were not being slowed when using basic attacks

    Fixed an issue where a minion would not play a death animation correctly.

    Fixed an issue where Ao Kuang's Spirit's Tempest ability would be invisible for players if they did not see Ao Kuang when he fired it.

    Fixed an issue in which players could get stuck behind the Fire Giant.

    Performance optimizations have been made with death animations and other physics-related effects.

    Several other UI elements have undergone a polish pass.

    Several crash conditions have been fixed.

    Setting the world settings to “low” or “lowest” will disable ragdoll deaths as a performance boost.

    A variety of changes and improvements have been made to the sound/music in the game.

    Fixed an issue where Vulcan's turrets would remain visible for a few seconds after it died.

    Spectator Changes
    Added the first version of an isometric viewpoint
    To trigger isometric view, press the new camera icon along the playback bar.
    By default, W/A/S/D/Q/E moves the camera
    The rotation of the camera is locked
    Selecting a god from the upper roster with LMB will cause the camera to follow that actor
    You can now see the consumables currently equipped by spectated players.
    Performance optimizations.
    Mana restore and statuses are now controlled by visibility settings.
    The team scoreboard can be slid down out of view by pressing the “L” button by default.
    The top-center timer now reflects the timer as seen during gameplay while the timer on the playback controls reflects the overall match time.
    Overhanging pieces of the Conquest map, such as the top of the Fire Giant cave and the ceilings on the team bases, have been removed for better visibility. These map changes are only visible while spectating.
    Fixed an issue where the camera could jolt to a different view after rewinding.

    FX have been updated for looks and performance.
    Flame Wave
    A bug has been fixed that allowed this ability to do double damage under some conditions.

    Fixed a bug when up very close, you’ll not be able to apply another Shackle.

    Changing Tides (Passive)
    The rate at which the Tide is reduced automatically over time has been decreased.
    Bonus scaling changed from quadratic to linear - now uniformly scaled based on Tide level (e.g. 50% Tide level now grants 50% of max Tide bonuses)

    Tidal Surge
    Cooldown reduced from 12 to 10 seconds (all ranks)
    Damage increased by 20 for each rank

    The percentage of Tide consumed has been reduced from 35% to 15%.

    The percentage of Tide consumed has been reduced from 35% to 25%.
    Pull-in has been increased slightly

    Release the Kraken!
    Increased outer radius base damage from 120/150/180/210/240 to 170/195/220/245/270

    Celestial Beam
    This ability will now always hit its target once, and never multiple times. We will evaluate the effect of this change on Ra closely.

    Volcanic Overdrive
    The cooldown on rank 4 and 5 is now properly set to 90s.
    Mana costs on rank 4 and 5 is now properly set to 100.
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