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    Bart from HiRez (e sports manager) interviewed the CEO of HiRez and we got lots of info on the upcoming MASSIVE patch. They were using slides, so I copied down everything that I could, sorry if it looks bad. I'll post the link to the official forums when they finally get the info there.

    I got these from the hirez stream. Not sure if there is anything on the forums since it is an upcoming patch and we are a few days away. Otherwise, I'll post the link when able to.

    conquest map changes

    no outside jungle
    4 jungle buffs per side (health and shield removed)
    2 neutral jungle camps per side
    reduced line of sight in the lanes

    ~ Right off the bat, HUGE changes here. Pretty interesting, can't wait to try. And since I can play on the PTS, I can check these changes out soon~

    God ability changes
    New [Focus] attribute added
    Focus has a range of 0 to 100
    Focus will scale the utility of an ability
    strength of buffs and heals
    strength of debuff like speed and protection
    durations like stun or fear

    Focus does not impact damage directly
    Most gods now start with lower utility by default

    ~Again, a massive change. Can't wait to test this out. Updating PTS now.~

    Match of the day

    Every day smite has a new fun mode to play
    All cupid vs cupid on arena map
    magic users vs tanks on joust map
    melee gods only on conquest map
    *players must own the gods that are in match of the day mode to play it*

    ~Very cool to add, I can't wait to try this out. Yayayay~

    God changes
    some gods have been nerfed/buffed

    the most significan changes are:
    cupid back to physical
    freya has additional lifesteal
    bacchus has reduced damage
    thor rift no longer does damage

    ~huge slide showing god ability change examples, won't bother trying to copy it~

    item changes
    All items in the game have been changed and re-balanced

    All items stats are much more specfic in their categories

    *Physical, Magic, Defense, Aura
    *starter items have been changed and cost 750 gold

    ~A huge change to the items.~
    ~another big slide I won't bother copying, hopefully patch info comes soon~

    other changes

    base movement speed changes
    gold spooling changes to Conquest (3g/s from 4g/s)
    new god screen
    home screen updates
    new art set for joust and solo practice
    conquest queue consolidation (merge normal, novice and 5v5 queues, allow 4-man teams)
    fixes so that users will spend less time in "matchign" state after accepting a match
    higher deserter penalties (30 min minimum)
    lots of cleanups and other changes

    ~HUUUUGE deserter penalty. I like.~

    Testing process & Logistics

    changes will be tested on a Special Test Server prior to going live in the main beta environment
    Special test server should be live either Thurs, dec 13 or fri, dec 14
    must be level 15+
    limited hours for testing
    test server requires a separate download
    visit the forums for info

    ~this is what I'll be testing. New god is not in it sadly~

    It also seems as if Xbalanque is also coming in this patch, if so that is huge as well.
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