[Indie] Mount & Blade: Warband, Game Of The Century?

Discussion in 'Archives' started by Don Q. Reavis, Nov 1, 2012.


How great is Mount & Blade?

  1. So great it makes me want to go out a kill a Swadian in its name.

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  2. So great I want to name my first born child Mountain Bandit.

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  1. Don Q. Reavis

    Don Q. Reavis Not a Noob

    The answer is yes.
    I picked this game up during the summer sale of twenty ought' ten. I installed, booted it up, and the next thing I knew it was a week later and I was five pounds lighter. This is the game I dreamed about playing when I was a child. It's a straight up medieval war simulator where you can sack towns, siege castles, elope with maidens, and wield spears. SPEARS! Mount & Blade: Warband is the greatest thing to grace my steam library and if you don't own it you're dead to me.

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  2. Barbarossa_5

    Barbarossa_5 Achievement Hunter

    It is indeed a great game, but still lacking in some areas. I'm hoping #2 expands siege combat so there's more to do besides file up a ladder or two.
  3. Don Q. Reavis

    Don Q. Reavis Not a Noob

    A little more for siege warfare would be cool. As of right now all we really have are the towers and ladders. I'd also like to see naval combat be implemented in the second one. Though we are going to see a little bit of that in Mount & Blade: Caribbean.
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  4. CaptSpiffy

    CaptSpiffy Best Moderator NA

    I can't STAND Mount & Blade. the combat is clunky, the game is ugly as hell, and everything about it is just... meh at best.
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  5. Yoshi500x8

    Yoshi500x8 Not a Noob

    You know Paradox published something even better.......

    Until the games turned out to be this

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  6. lonesome killer

    lonesome killer Banhammered

    Don have you played the cRPG mod? IMO it makes the game 1,000,000x better. It's such an amazing feeling having a small squad of men using VOIP to make a little Phalanx type unit and completely dominate 5vs20.
  7. Don Q. Reavis

    Don Q. Reavis Not a Noob

    I'm actually not a fan of cRPG. I've been digging the hell out of Floris though. I'm also looking to check out Prophecy of Pendor soon.
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