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Discussion in 'Mummy's Mask' started by Statboy, Mar 3, 2016.

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    Knowledge (Arcana) on the overwhelming dread source: 29

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  2. Statboy

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    Memsie: Re knowledge arcana- Aura's either come from people or objects, and this was certainly some kind of aura. No person short of a god could make that kind of aura though, and as for objects nothing you've found gives off that level of aura. The fact that it lessened as time went on, means whatever made it left. Which brings more questions, no aura whether by a person or object lingers for that length of time. The only conclusion you can draw is that whatever caused it was powerful.

    None of the golden funnery mask's you've found fit the statue.
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    !roll 1d20+8 # Intimidate mage on invisible people
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    Intimidate mage on invisible people: 25

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  5. theLumberJack

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    After Memsie and Zanros determine that none of the masks we have currently fit, he will examine the statue. He will examine the clasps for the mask to see if they are some kind of mechanism, if they have any working components or such. Zanros has no applicable knowledge to such a thing. So I'll perception if that's useful. If Memsie has no other ideas, we'll return to the city and prepare a mask packet for the Auction.

    As well Zanros would ask Senenmerek about the statue and its mask.

    !roll 1d20 + 6 #Check for mechanisms on mask clasps.
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    Check for mechanisms on mask clasps.: 21

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  7. TimeCrush

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    I'd like to shop for some simple lacy fabrics, a basket, and maybe some unique nice smelling fragrances to spice up the mask package with. I'll spend a day polishing the masks to lustrous shine as well. Looking at the attendee list I feel like we should try and angle this towards Maru & Namaru. Says they like expensive jewelry and clothing, large hunks of gold in a sack are hard to sling as jewelry. A few gorgeous relics buffed to a shimmer however are more likely to draw the eye.

    I'll also search through the documentation found in the library for any culinary descriptions. If successful, I'll take the recipe to town and see if I can find somebody to prepare me the meal on the down low, just before the auction.
  8. Statboy

    Statboy Resident Cueball

    Mavruk: After initially being rebuffed by the half elf instructor Sehhosep Naahn, you proceed to flex your muscles and stare at her rather than make a scene she says "Well you can assume that the invisible person raised the pack of jackals and was probably in the room at the time. Which requires powerful necromancy to pull off. Staying invisible the whole time would require a powerful magic necromancers don't posses. Which means whoever it was came well prepared, they either cast the necromancy or the invisibility with magic items. They've probably been planning this for some time."

    Memsie: All told setting with the large basket, fragrances, and polish will cost you 10gp. None of the documentation you've found references food.
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  9. theLumberJack

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    Zanros will spend one day going to the Temple of Pharasma, to inquire at what cost any clerics would perform a resurrection.
  10. Statboy

    Statboy Resident Cueball

    Resurrection's are 10,490, it's one of those spells that has a massive material component.
  11. theLumberJack

    theLumberJack Achievement Hunter Member from long ago...

    How much if I have the materials?
  12. Statboy

    Statboy Resident Cueball

    Edit, I lowballed you its actually 910gp, the material is a diamond worth 10,000gp
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  13. Hexalan

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    Packages put together on Sheet 3 of the Party Loot spreadsheet. With the exception of the Meshotens', which is comprised of Idessa's personally held items, the packages are made of common loot. If Ptemenib is just there to moderate the auction, Akhentepi and Pentheru's masks will be part of their package instead. Subject to change.

    Can Mavruk be persuaded to part from his really old khopesh? Can Memsie be parted from his magic headscarf?

    Most of these items also have never had a price attached to them, so I'll trust the good man of statistics to not cheat us.

    On the second day, Idessa has another talk with Senenmerek. She asks if he'd be willing to take a break from rote construction and perhaps read through and make copies of the histories they took out of the Erudite Eye, in order to preserve the hallowed knowledge that was acquired by the ancient priests, and add his own annotations, as he is obviously a qualified authority on such matters.

    For the rest of the morning, she'll visit the markets, and more reputable merchant houses, to get a feel for the worth of some of their loot, and acquire some mundane items. Early on, a bundle of writing utensils and blank papers will be sent by courier boy to the house for the good master skeleton. Polish, little display boxes, settings, etc. may be acquired as well. While she's always on the lookout for information about the enemy (i.e. Scorched Hand, the Invisible Man), she makes a point of visiting the big buyers in town and seeing if there's something in particular they're looking for, or if they can be convinced that what they're looking for, Idessa has just for them.

    Do you want diplomacy checks on the auctionees now?
    Holla at me about how much this stuff costs too
    !roll 1d20+15 #Gather Information about the enemy
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    Gather Information about the enemy: 29

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  15. Statboy

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    Idessa: You can make diplomacy or bluff checks whenever you have a group of items figured out and a buyer to attract. Senenmerek says "I am the Captain of the Guard not your wife, do your own writing, priest of the dead god". OOC he's not going to create anything that you can sell to make money, and he has noticed your Pharasmin symbol. He's not opposed to Pharasma, but he only takes orders from Nethesian followers. I'll stick with what I told TC, if you spend 10gp per item group on little things to increase the presentation, I'll give the buyers a -2 to sense motive or appraise (which attempts to counter your diplomacy/bluff).

    You do find a merchant that mentions selling supplies to the Scorched Hand "I sold them food and clothing, for a trip it seems. I'd wager they've already set out into the desert." For the invisible man you only get "Invisible you say? No, I haven't seen anybody matching that description" and some odd looks.

    It's going to take me a while to figure out prices on everything you're selling, I'll have it ready by tonight though.
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  16. theLumberJack

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    Zanros' remaining down time will be spent trying to heal or help those in need. If there is any kind of local hospice or hospital, he'll inquire if there is anything they need in the way of supplies. If there is no such place in Wati, he will spend his time praying in the yard of the house.
  17. Ach Hans Run!

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    Bit late here, but I guess Aech will spend their time researching the Forgotten Pharaoh and all materials on Nethys as well as the Erudite eye that are available in the Grand Mausoleum
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  18. SoL DarkLord


    A bit late as well. but I will spend my time looking for materials to use in future crafting experiments.
  19. VintagePC

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    I totally forgot I had two more days. I'll spend them assisting my party however I can, so free +2s to anyone :)

    I was kinda expecting more day-by-day when I made the first post.
  20. Statboy

    Statboy Resident Cueball

    Add 1750 to your XP for last night, should be at 7,750 now
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