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Discussion in 'Mummy's Mask' started by Statboy, May 12, 2016.

  1. Statboy

    Statboy Resident Cueball

    It has come to my attention that we've been using Haste wrong, it only adds an attack on a full round attack.
  2. SoL DarkLord


    Have we? I haven't been subject to it once, But I do know what the spell does. +1 extra attack during a full round action. +1 to attack rolls, reflex saves, and dodge bonus to your AC. And lastly +30ft movement speed.
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  3. theLumberJack

    theLumberJack Achievement Hunter Member from long ago...

    That's how I've been using it as far as I can recall.
  4. VintagePC

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    sounds about right, I recall being happy I didn't have to spend a ki point to get in a 4th attack.
  5. Statboy

    Statboy Resident Cueball

    FINAL ENTRY FOR THIS BOOK; for TC who had to leave early, and anybody who needs a reminder, this is what the Sphinx Tetisurah said to you guys

    The Cult of the Forgotten Pharaoh have taken the architect Chisisek's body. She believes they mean to resurrect him in order for him to find Hakotep's pyramid which he designed. This pyramid is a weapon on a scale that can destroy entire civilizations, it was originally used by Hakotep to destroy the Shory civilization and all their flying cities. She also heard the cult talking about Hakotep in the first person, and believes he is already partially resurrected, but not yet at full strength. He still needs the other two parts of his soul, which are located in the mask the party possesses and in the Pharaoh's mummified body, according to your research. From what Tetisurah has gathered, the Cult's base is located in the Sightless Sphinx further north into the desert. Though the exact location is lost to time. She also returned the Mask to the party, at which point Aech put it back on :stir:.

    She has asked the party to retrieve Chisisek's body before he can be resurrected and help the Cult. She also says you guys could find help to the south, where the Cultists attacked a Thriae hive (bee people), killed the queen and left with the larvae. Without their larvae or Queen the Thriae hive will die off. She believes the Thriae would offer any help they could to any group that fights the cultists and agrees to find and return there lost larvae. Your new friend the Hobgoblin Cleric Grimm can lead you to an Oasis frequented by merchants where you could probably buy and sell things, to the east.

    Stay tuned for another incoming post about the Sightless Sphinx and what you know of it.
  6. TimeCrush

    TimeCrush Achievement Hunter


    I have no stature and I must scream.
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