My dedicated server cannot be joined by anyone, including me.

Discussion in 'Help & Support' started by Nachtara, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. Nachtara

    Nachtara Noob

    So I've been trying to make a dedicated server for TF2C, I've followed this guide which seems to work for others, but apparently not for me. Since Wednesday, I've dedicated most of my spare time to find a solution to this unknown issue.

    My ports are opened, allowed by my firewall and my antivurus ( ports are 27010 27015 TCP/UCP, 27005 UDP, 27020 UCP and 51840 UDP ).
    Here is my server.cfg:
    As you can see, it is pretty much the same file as the one written in the guide, and sv_lan is clearly set to 0.

    Here is what my console looks like:
    I don't really know how to read all of this, so the issue may be easier to fix then expected.

    I'm looking forward to hear your solutions, if you need anything else to find the issue just ask :)
  2. Zilor

    Zilor Noob

    Have you opened the ports in your router settings and forwarded them to the right computer? Opening the ports only on the computer is insufficient.

    Furthermore: Is the server visible in the LAN tab and can you connect to the server through the console?
    Ps. You can close 27020, unless you want SourceTV on your server.
  3. Nachtara

    Nachtara Noob

    I am pretty sure all my ports are opened in my router settings and forwarded to my computer.

    What do you mean by that ? Do I need to forward them to something else ?

    I can join the server via the LAN tab but not by entering "connect" in the console, it just says "connection failed after 4 retries".

    Can this be an issue ? If not, is it okay if I let it opened without having SourceTV ?

    Thanks for trying to help me by the way, I appreciate it
  4. Zilor

    Zilor Noob

    I thing I found the issue (unless you made a typo in your first post):
    And your server is listening to port 27015 (as seen in your screenshot).
  5. Nachtara

    Nachtara Noob

    That was most likely a typo, I've opened port 27015 on both TCP and UDP
  6. onefourth

    onefourth Achievement Hunter Staff Member TF2C Admin

    what error do you get upon connecting?
  7. Nachtara

    Nachtara Noob

    "Connection failed after 4 retries."
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