My suggestions and annoyances to add/fix in tf2c

Discussion in 'Other' started by MrAmazing, Sep 28, 2015.

  1. MrAmazing

    MrAmazing Noob

    I Have a few annoyances and things that I would like chanced and added into the game of tf2c

    1. Please fix the hit detection, since hitting a target feels very sloppy and unresponsive unlike regular tf2 (i know its a beta, but at least improve it somehow)

    2. The super shotgun should shoot more pellets (maybe up to 20 pettels with the cost of its spread) instead of dishing out more damage, just makes more sense since it shoots two shells at once

    3. For the pills pickup in deathmatch, please increase the pickup radius slightly so you won't have to go directly into it to pick it up, just close enough
        -Also for the overheal from the pills, the overheal decay rate should be significantly decreased very similarly to the overheal decay rate of the kunai spy knife, which is -2hp/sec (since there is no medics around to keep you overhealed, the overheal from the pills becomes kind of useless due to how fast the overheal decays from the pills pickup)

    4. Since a lot of the weapons do a lot of damage and we won't be seeing the merc class in tf2c in the traditional modes, why not increase his health to 200hp similar to the soldier, this will keep a lot of the players fighting longer compared to just having 150hp, and will make the overheal worth it.
    -also, if the walking speed can be slightly decreased similar to the demoman walking speed, or make the walking speed that is in between the demoman and the soldier to make it a bit more balanced to the health the merc would have.

    5. Since there is not a lot of ammo packs laying around in the deathmatch mode, why not just have unlimited ammo for every weapon so all you have to worry about is health management (not an unlimited clip though).

    6. And also for the Deathmatch mode, PLEASE remove random crits completely since there are weapons that can crit way too often which makes up for some unfair fights.

    7. Just a fun idea that I have which idk will ever work in a game like tf2, but I am borrowing this idea from CoD games as to include a kill streak rewards system in deathmatch mode, even though I don't like playing cod that much I like the killstreak rewards system (not to the ludicrous level of killstreak rewards that are in cod games, but something that is more subtle and will fit the tf2c deathmatch balance). For example, they can be things like a temporary speed boost, mini-crit powerup, a shield powerup, regenerative health and many more that you can add, customize, and have fun with combining all sorts of mini-powerups gained from killstreak rewards upon activation. To make this system balanced is to minimize the amount of rewards you have a limit to how much rewards you can use (maybe up to 3) and maybe make so you can only use it once per life.

    8. Also, please buff the stock flamethrower, it really feels like weak sauce and since the airblast was removed, the flamethrower has no strong roles to play now (which was pushing an ubered pair back, or air blasting enemy projectiles at the team, etc.), at least combine it with the flaming mortars as a secondary or make the flame thrower act as a jetpack similar to Fortress Forever, just to make it awesome again.

    9. The last suggestion that I have for tf2c for traditional modes is to include armor as an option, which can give you a significant damage reduction for the slight cost of speed. This will just give more survivability to the classes who would normally have a hard time evading damage, i.e., heavy, soldier, demoman, and maybe a medic.

    That's all i have right now, I may add more ideas and issues if I come up with any.
  2. About number 8, I really like the idea of the Flamethrower being used as a weak "jetpack" like in FF. It would be fun to get into positions for ambushes and to fly around.

    Maybe merge the airblast/jetpack functions into one. The airblast could reflect projectiles and push opponents away, but it could also push the user like a makeshift double jump. There would have to be some kind of nerf to make it balanced, like more ammo used or a longer delay between each airblast.
  3. MrAmazing

    MrAmazing Noob

    The devs have confirmed that jetpacks are not going to be included, that suck.

    suggestions for powerups...
    (just gonna through out ideas out here, some good and some bad but I am
    still including it just for the sake of throwing my ideas out there)

    invisibility powerup, which will make you completely invisible until
    the powerup runs out (to balance it, you will be partially visible for a
    moment when firing with a cloaking delay in between fires, similar to
    when a cloak & dagger runs out of cloak)

    -maybe a fun berserk
    powerup which will greatly increase melee damage with the combination
    of damage resistance, speed boost and jump height boost combination, and
    you can get health with each kill
    (to balance it, you can only use melee only and nothing else)

    overheal powerup, this can give you overheal boost, which thresholds to
    lets say 100%, which doubles your health(compared to regular overheal,
    at 50%) with a significant decrease in overheal decay until it fully
    (to balance it is to simply not allow you to overheal with pills until the overheal from the poweup is fully drained).

    unlimited ammo&clip powerup, which basically gives you free reign
    to fire away without a worry of ammo and clip management.

    shield powerup, which is basically like the shield bubble in tf2, this
    can gives you a temporary damage resistance (lets say up to 60% damage
    resistance for example).

    -mini-crit powerup, which is like the crit powerup but with the minicrits, and plus spawn time of this powerup can be shortened.

    I don't think tf2c needs a lot of powerups, but here are some you can take.
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