[FoF] New beta version available for clients and servers!

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    Hi folks, Valve released updated client libraries that include some security related fixes so we are going to test them before merging the new files into the main branch. So the changes are just security fixes.

    Please note that this new beta doesn't break compatibility with current public version so you still can play on any server. Same for dedicated servers joining the beta, normal and beta clients can join without issue.

    Please follow these instructions to join the beta:

    Client: go to Steam library, select FoF, right mouse button click on 'properties', betas tab and select 'upcoming'. Remember to opt out when the beta period concludes.

    Dedicated Server: use this line in your steamcmd script app_update 295230 -beta upcoming validate

    I don't recommend to install this update in a dedicated server unless you are willing to monitor and report any possible issue. Also watch for Sourcemod incompatibilities.

    Beta period will run up to next Friday 11th if no issues are found.

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