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    I'm pleased to announce that in an effort to continue expanding our offerings, we now have added an EU-located version of our US "Flaskback 2008" server.

    You can find it at:


    Q: What is FB2008?
    A: From our MOTD:

    This is a revival of the original flashback configuration with some new maps and changes. We hope to address the issues that people disliked about the previous incarnation.​

    • Only Flaregun, Kritz, and The Sandvich are active, these weapons were released in 2008.
    • tf2c_building_hauling 0 -- Engineer wasnt allowed to haul buildings before the uber update.
    • tf2c_airblast 1 -- In 2008 Pyro got his airblast.
    • tf2c_pistol_old_firerate 1 -- For a long time, the pistol required you to tap fire to get the full potential firerate.
    • tf2c_rocketlauncher_old_maxammo 1 -- 40 reserve
    • tf2c_grenadelauncher_old_maxammo 1 -- 30 reserve
    • tf2c_stickylauncher_old_maxammo 1 -- 40 reserve
    • tf2c_sticky_rampup_mindmg 1.0 -- Old rampup for stickies.
    • tf2c_building_gun_mettle 0 -- Reverts all gun mettle building changes, 125 metal teleporters, slow carry speed.
    • tf2c_spy_gun_mettle 0 -- No spy gun mettle changes.
    • tf2c_spywalk 0 -- No spywalk.
    • tf2c_medigun_setup_uber 0 -- The medigun does not charge faster during setup time, a uber is not guaranteed at the start.
    • tf2c_projectile_ally_collide 1 -- Projectiles (rockets) collide with allies.
    • tf2c_medigun_multi_uber_drain 0 -- Uber does not drain faster when switching between uber targets.
    • tf_weapon_criticals "1" -- Random criiits.
    • tf_weapon_criticals_melee 2 -- Random Meleee CRiiiiits!
    • tf_use_fixed_weaponspreads 0 -- Shotgun realllll
    • tf_damage_disablespread 0 -- Random damage spread. Pipes for example can do just below 100 damage, even on directs.
    • tf_allow_sliding_taunt 1 -- Taunts can slide slightly before player movement completely stops.
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