New European Server

Discussion in 'Events' started by tenma, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. tenma

    tenma Noob

    Yo people. The new and best European TF2C server is UP ! Currently it's still pretty barebones, but i'm working on it. Currently it runs all official maps with 10x Bhop on DM. No random crits and no spread.

    Very proffessional website

    admin is alt Tenma
  2. tenma

    tenma Noob

    Small update on the server

    1. Fixed overtime on payload maps
    2. Uncaped bhop in deathmatch
    3. You can jump while ducking outside of deathmatch
    4. The sniper rifle works like railgun in quake3 in DM. Deals 100 dmg and has no scope
    5. All 6 original maps have forced stock weapons, no hauling and no airblast
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