New Year, New Maps!

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    Last year came and went, and as we now get used to writing 20212 on every form we fill out, VaultF4 honors this time of change by refreshing the mapcycle on our Custom Maps server.

    After a round of recent removals, we're adding 10 new high-quality maps to help fill the void. We've focused on choosing maps that look as good as they play, with beautiful artpasses that break the mold.

    • 5CP Indulge - Indulge is a "completely original, Sawmill-themed map" designed for public server play. It's unusually vertical, rounds are fast and rarely turn into stalemates, and it's built for off-the-cuff strategizing and teamwork.
    • 5CP Sultry - Using the same urban map theming as Watergate, Sultry is a a gorgeous map with competitive-tier gameplay that's been sharpened to a point.
    • 5CP Wildlife - Per the creator: "I have tried to make this one of the most unique 5cp experiences you'll have in TF2", with "unique points and unorthodox path construction", all wrapped up in a dense forest with giant trees, reminiscent of maps like Landfall.
    • A/D Red Bounty - Previously known as "Kinder", this map oozes nostalgia, both in its dusty Badlands artpass and its classical layout.
    • KOTH Maple Ridge - A famous community KOTH map for good reason: Maple Ridge manages to avoid feeling generic, combining a unique point layout with a gorgeous autumnal vibe. It's hard to not feel cozy.
    • KOTH Proplant - Forked from Coalplant, Proplant has been relentlessly refined and battle-tested across countless different team sizes and configurations to make a map that's as close to perfection as one can strive for.
    • KOTH Spillway - The Halloween version ("Spellway") previously appearing during October, the regular version is now being added to the rotation. Spillway is a small and frantic KOTH map set over a hydroelectric dam, contrasting tight corridors with open arena spaces.
    • PL Alpen - From the creator of Highpass, Alpen is a single-stage map in the style of Lumberyard. It's an older map that was a staple on community servers for many years, now feeling comfortably retro with age.
    • PL Jinn - With a gorgeous Egyptian theme, Jinn is a dynamic map that takes you through desert caves, sandy valleys, and deteriorating ruins, with stellar and fluid gameplay to match.
    • PL Timbermill - Timbermill dates back to 2008, originally being called Mill, but developed and iterated on up to 2014. This extended history has provided plenty of time for this 3-stage PL to become one of the most jaw-droppingly pretty and engaging custom maps out there.

    We're eager to see feedback on these, so /nominate them soon! Hope everyone's having a good year so far.
  2. hawaw_dacar2

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    Im impatient to test those maps
  3. VintagePC

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    They should be available now :)
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