Official Vault F4 Highlander Team Recruitment Thread

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by Insanity, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. Insanity

    Insanity Moderator of ALL the things VF4-A (Admin) Staff Member VF4 Supporter

    Hello Everybody,
    As some of you may know I am the leader of the Vault Force 4 highlander team, and we are looking for a WHOLE new roster this season. Due to roster size there will only be 1 main and 1 sub for each class, tryouts will be held if needed for highly contested spots. The main goal of this team is not necessarily to win matches, but to introduce average players into competitive TF2.

    To Apply: Please post in this thread with your Class Preferences (can have as many or as few as you want to try out for). I will keep a running list at the top of this thread for everyone to see who is going for what classes.

    IF YOU APPLY: make sure you have Mumble, Basic game knowledge and A WORKING MICROPHONE. If you are chosen you will be expected to have knowledge on your class and the ability to adapt your game play to fit the competitive role as well as work with your teammates.

    NO COMP EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED. If you are willing to learn, I can teach you.

    All forum members or players on our servers are welcome to apply.

    A last note, If you are not able to tolerate criticism or you have a hard time playing nice with others you may be removed by my discretion. It is a team game and we can not have infighting among the team members.

    Current Applicants:
    Any: WizBright*
    Scout: Zirkus*, Swagger Wagon 64
    Soldier: Mr. Halo Pilgrim, BowlCuts*, Deskmice*
    Pyro: Nimble, Twentyone
    Engineer: Lonesome Killer*, Robs-Insanity
    Demoman: Gorshin07*
    Heavy: Porkchop*, Googots, Magic Moose
    Medic: WillyG*
    Sniper: English*, Oceanboy 86*
    Spy: KingmaGuy* Infinity
  2. LavaRed

    LavaRed Community Manager VF4-S (Server Operator) Staff Member

    Just a heads up for those that apply, this is the Iron level team. Pants Off Game On is our Steel level team. :)
  3. lonesome killer

    lonesome killer Banhammered

    I'll try this season!

    My favorite classes in order:
  4. Nimble

    Nimble Noob

    I used to roll with FFN back in 2010 or so. My best picks (in order):

  5. Insanity

    Insanity Moderator of ALL the things VF4-A (Admin) Staff Member VF4 Supporter

    Bumping this to hopefully get more bites
  6. English

    English Global Mod

    I'm in!

    Preferred classes in order:
  7. Infinity

    Infinity Active Member

    I'd like to join~

    My class preferences in order top 5 are:
    1. Spy
    2. Spy
    3. Spy
    4. Spy
    5. Spy

    And if I have to settle for this....
    6. Spy.

    Any other class would have to be Med.

    Btw, I haven't been super active as spy on VF4 stats, I have vastly improved :)

    Edit: If chosen, I will need a sub if doing fall season, I will be busy with school in fall and may not be able to attend some games.
  8. I mainly play heavy, but can play spy and demo pretty good aswell.
    Thanks for reading and please take my app into consideration. ^^
  9. Insanity

    Insanity Moderator of ALL the things VF4-A (Admin) Staff Member VF4 Supporter

    Ok guys we got 4 spots left for starters and 9 backups left, please spread the the word if you can. I would like to have backups for each class as well.

    IF we don't get the team set up before the season starts we can just try again next season.
  10. lonesome killer

    lonesome killer Banhammered

    I'll make an announcement on the Steam group when I get off work. Unless you want to do one now insanity
  11. Iceh

    Iceh Official VF4 Matchmaker

    Oh pick me! :D jk but I am willing to provide help as coach again if need be.
  12. English

    English Global Mod

    posted a link to our FB page!
  13. LavaRed

    LavaRed Community Manager VF4-S (Server Operator) Staff Member

    Hey now! You were promised to our team first sir! :(
  14. English

    English Global Mod

    meememememe Look at me I'm lava, I play on a steel team memememeememememe
  15. LavaRed

    LavaRed Community Manager VF4-S (Server Operator) Staff Member

    I'm crashing your party...just so you know
  16. Iceh

    Iceh Official VF4 Matchmaker

    haha I am not good at TF2 to play but I will pop in to sniper hit some once and a while :)
  17. Zirkus

    Zirkus Achievement Hunter

    Ah, would actually like to hit this up but im in the grey about future work times. If stuff happens after 6est though im down to pound.

    Scoot and solly. No real preference.
  18. WizBright

    WizBright Achievement Hunter

    I'm willing to go for any of the roles left. I'm a fast learner and I've been looking for a team to join :3
  19. twentyone_

    twentyone_ Noob

    Hello! I would be interested in playing for Vault. I have experience but am rusty. I would love to play either pyro, soldier, or spy. Depending on the needs and skills sets of each class, I will try out accordingly! Thanks
  20. Porkchop

    Porkchop Well-Known Member

    hi just thought that I would attempt this knowing so many people want the remaining positions.. the position I would prefer most of all is heavy ,brass beast sandvich and steel fists. the second I would play as is soldier, then pyro, sniper, and demoman. I CANNOT play as spy.. so that's it.. hope you choose me and congrats on whoever gets chosen :D
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