Overgrowth Game - Looks Great

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by Net, Nov 20, 2012.

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    So I was thumbing around through Youtube today and stumbled upon this gem that has been in development for a few years now and has come a long way apparently. Its an adventure/rpg/ninja game with Rabbits as the main characters! This game is currently in Alpha but looks amazing and you can tell they have paid a lot of attention to detail while creating it. I am actually thinking about picking up the alpha version of the game and I am not really into these types of games much. Check out the youtube video of some dude playing it and if you have a chance to play it share your thoughts! The engine in this game is amazing. Check out one of the videos below. There are more recent ones but I didnt go through and find them.


    Here is a NerdCubed one!

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