Overhealer Ubercharge Bar

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by F10 to defuse, Sep 2, 2015.

  1. F10 to defuse

    F10 to defuse Well-Known Member

    Overhealer is a neat concept and all but without knowing whether I have ubercharge or not makes it pretty bad and right now I'd rather use the stock medigunIs this going to be fixed?
  2. It probably will be fixed, if the devs decide to do that, that is. I know the stats the over healer should have.
  3. The Overhealer has no Ubercharge though? It's Uber rate is -100% or something like that.
  4. FUTURE.10S

    FUTURE.10S Noob

    But it's not meant to have ubercharge?

    Actually, while I think the Overhealer is an amazing concept, it's far too powerful as a single OH Heavy/Medic pair can take down a sentry. You need to do so much damage per second, it's crazy, but it does prioritize killing the Medic.
  5. [Mispost]
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