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    This is an in depth breakdown of the Bank Heist on Payday 2. This guide will contain information on the building, cameras, guards, vault location and some other elements of the heist as well as provide a walkthrough of the heist for players.

    I will also go over my suggested strategy for both stealth and trigger-happy runs of the heist.

    These strategies will work on ANY difficulty for this heist.

    First off, you need to check the position of the vault, it has two possible spawn locations:




    *Note the camera position in the second picture, this can cause some problems during a stealth run.

    The first position shown is very difficult to do alone if you are attempting a stealth run, as the tellers AND people in the lobby will hear the drill.

    The second location is behind the copier room and is safe for a stealth run as long as you clear the corner office near it (pictured below)


    Next, you need to check the exterior doors of the bank for possible guard and bank manager paths. More doors means more options, which can be good or bad depending on your point of view.


    This is the parking lot door, has a chance to have a camera near it. Also keep an eye out for the random civilian that sometimes spawns near this door and walks out of the parking lot past the back door.

    *Note the camera near this door, it can be used to bait out a guard from this door and the roof.


    This is the back door, it connects to the stairwell of the bank. There is no camera spawn at this door.

    Both of these exterior doors have a chance to be open or closed, if open one guard and the bank manager may path to the outside. Keep in mind the bank manager and guard will ONLY path out of one of the doors and they CAN be different doors.

    The roof door will ALWAYS be open and if the other two are closed, will be the path for both one guard and the bank manager.


    There is the chance of a camera spawn near this door, the camera will be located here:


    After you have scouted out the vault and the exterior doors and cameras, its time to move inside for a few final details. First is the Security Office, which contains one guard watching the cameras. Here are the two possible spawn locations:


    This location is in the stairwell leading to the roof, and is the preferred location.


    This location is behind the Tellers and can have a camera near it (can be seen in the picture)

    The last detail you need is the Bank Manager's Key location. It will either be on his desk or on him, if he is cable tied he will drop the key. (if the key is in his possession)


    Here, you can see the key on his desk, it is next to the clipboard. There is also one more optional objective in the Bank Manager's office, a safe. (Has a low chance to appear)


    Again this is optional but can have a Gold Bar worth 10k inside.

    Now that you have the initial information about the bank and its objectives, let's begin talking about how to do the heist.

    Some final information before we begin, there are THREE guards roaming around the bank and ONE in the security office looking at the cameras. Cameras will continue to function until he is handcuffed or killed. Any civilians or guards that see the drill will immediately become alerted and call the cops.

    Because there are a total of four guards, you will need to make two of the guards surrender (only one if you have smooth talker)

    After scouting the bank for all the locations of everything you need, find the door that the bank manager will use to go outside (might be the same as the first roaming guard). He will need to be cable tied regardless of if he has the key or not as he roams around the entire bank.

    Usually you can get the first roaming guard after he walks out of one of the doors. (be careful if the guard or bank manager are coming out of the parking lot door as civilians walking past can see them and call for the police.)

    If there is no guard that roams outside, you will have to take care of both when you go for the vault.

    Next, you can destroy one of the cameras near an exterior door to lure out another guard to come and check on it (watch out for strange pathing if the parking lot door is open and you destroy either camera as the guard can come from roof or parking lot)

    If you can, force this guard to surrender, but shoot him if you must to keep your stealth. Once you have two guards down your objective is to get the keycard and get into the Security room. If luck is on your side, the bank manager had it and you can go straight for the room.

    If the bank manager did not have the key, you will need to sneak into his office. Enter from the stairwell and CROUCH to get to his office. Make sure you move fast and don't stop or you WILL be spotted. You will be able to grab the key and any cash on his desk. DO NOT DRILL THE SAFE! If you drill the safe now, you will alert the corner office and all will be for nothing. Sneak back out the same way you got in and you can resume your mission.

    There will be one guard inside of the Security room watching the cameras. This is your LAST CHANCE to get a surrender on a guard without risking the mission. However, shoot or melee him if he doesn't comply.

    You now have two roaming guards down and the cameras are pointless, time to make your move toward the vault. There will be one last roaming guard in the bank. You want to enter from the back stairwell for this part. Wait for the guard to stop in front of the Bank Manager's office. Go in for the kill and MAKE SURE you get the 1-3 civilians in the corner office on the ground before they run. Alternatively, you can wait until he stands in front of the vault and take him down there, following the same procedure. MAKE SURE YOU GET HIS PAGER IF YOU KILL HIM!!!!

    **If you did not get the first roaming guard you will have 2 guards to deal with, you can either wait for both to be near the vault/manager's office or try to take them down one by one. If you fight them both at once, you may not be able to answer the pagers and the alarm will go off. Chances are you will not be able to make them surrender so make sure you have a silenced gun to kill them with. DO NOT FORGET THE PAGERS!

    Cable tie the civilians in the corner office, and congratulate yourself for getting this stealth run. The people in the lobby will not hear the drill (even without silent drilling) as long as the vault is behind the copier room.

    If the vault is in the other location, you will have to enter through the parking lot door after the corner and last guard are secured. You will need to shoot the tellers (they hit the alarm really fast) and control everyone in the lobby*, its a lot easier with two people. On occasion, a civilian may see what going on in the bank and get alerted, just keep them under control and the money is yours.

    *There is one person outside the bank near the large tree just outside the windows, make sure you control him too

    Walk the bags out after you drill the door(s) and if you feel like it take all the deposit boxes as well.

    Now for the loud approach. First you want to get the drill started on the vault and start grabbing planks for the windows. Once the police start to arrive, I would recommend one person hold the front door by hiding behind this desk:

    [​IMG] Have another person hold behind the tellers office (if that door is open). Have one person hold the copier room to hold the back door (once again, if its open) and have one person assigned to get the drill if it stalls.

    As far as boarding the windows I would recommend getting the two windows at the corner closest to the desk that will be used to hold the front door, as it will make them safer from being flanked and taking fire from those windows. If you get lucky enough to get 3 boards I would recommend the window next to the bank managers office to help protect the vault and/or that flank.

    If a helicopter goes to the roof (Bain will call it out) have the person for the drill and in the copier room run up the stairwell to prevent them from putting tear gas into the copier room. If that occurs, you will have to hold the stairwell instead of the copier room.

    Once the vault door is open have ATLEAST one person stay outside the vault and provide cover for the other(s) that are getting the loot. Play carefully until the assault wave ends and walk your bags to the van.

    If you have any ideas of and changes you would like to bring up to this guide please post them here. This guide is based off my experiences with the Bank Heist, the good and bad, solo and group, stealth attempts and running in guns blazing.
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